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Re: [PanoToolsNG] 360video ? panoramic videography

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  • luca vascon
    I m calling it KINORAMA. Copyrighted, of course! ... 2012/3/11 Bostjan Burger ... -- Luca Vascon. www.nuovostudio.it
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 13, 2012
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      I'm calling it 
      Copyrighted, of course!

      2012/3/11 Bostjan Burger <si_lander@...>

      As 360° photographic panorama (for prints or just flat image view) is not VR Panorama (or Surround Photography-that is what I use, with which we interact on the screen) we need to be precise when to use the right term with 360° video or film (360° playing stip without interaction), or VR Video (or Surround Movie, Clip... with which we can interact).


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      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] 360video ? panoramic videography

      Can I use 'panoramic videography' instead of '360-degree video' or 'panoramic video'? I am looking for a professional phrase for #360video which I can use in academic papers.

      Luca Vascon.


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