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  • Sacha Griffin
    After waiting nearly 3 years of there s an update coming in a few weeks , I switched as well and that was a year ago so I know how you feel. Vrsmarty looks
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 23, 2012

      After waiting nearly  3 years of “there’s an update coming in a few weeks”, I switched as well and that was a year ago so I know how you feel.

      Vrsmarty looks pretty cool especially because of tommy’s plugins.  

      However, if you don’t mind a LOT of elbow grease, you can write almost all of tommy’s plugins in the native krpano api, which also means, they’ll work on the iphone/ipad and or future technologies webgl etc.

      Krpano probably best for the long term, vrsmarty great otherwise and if you don’t need to cater to non-flash tech.

      Pano2vr also is pretty strong. I think they have webgl already.





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      Hi !

      Well, it seems like FPPlayer is not the trend anymore. Unless i missed something lately it had no update or improvement since Denys left it (unless you use Flashificator). Some work seems to be made, but witout any release date...

      So my question is, what player are you guys using nowadays ?
      I saw that VRSmarty has the pluggins from Tommy (some of them are so important!!). So like many of you I want to move toward a tool that will have multi-res, iOs, have the easiest transition from FPP scripts that I wrote in the last few years...

      Any thought about that are welcome ;-)



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