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  • prague
    Sunex is a truly horrible lens. No one should ever use that thing.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 25, 2011
      Sunex is a truly horrible lens. No one should ever use that thing.

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Jesse Garnier <jesse@...> wrote:
      > On 10/24/11 7:16 AM, Bruce Martin wrote:
      > > On this topic, can anyone help with fish eye and super wides lens
      > > recommendations. My goals are to have 2 lens, 8mm fish eye (for
      > > example; Peleng, Tokina, Bower, Samyang) and 10-?mm super wide fixed
      > > or zoom (example 14mm Bower) to fill in the gap to my 18-55mm.
      > On a crop body like your XSi, the 5.6mm Sunex or 4.5mm Sigma will
      > produce a full circular image and produce good results with the fewest
      > possible images. I mostly shoot handheld three-around with the 4.5mm
      > Sigma on a 50D. I have been very pleased with the quality with my 4.5mm
      > Sigma, though it can be finicky to focus.
      > The Sunex is set at its hyperfocal point, and also has a fixed aperture,
      > so there's no fussing. I evaluated both the Sigma and Sunex when I
      > bought this round of equipment a few years ago. My own informal testing
      > showed they were similar in sharpness, though I'd be interested in other
      > opinions on this.
      > I understand from your message cost is an issue though, and
      > unfortunately both of these lenses sell for about double what the
      > cheaper 8mm lenses cost.
      > --
      > Jesse Garnier
      > http://www.stonehopper.com
      > San Francisco, Calif.
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