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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Will iOS get Flash now? / Finally found the article Steve did..

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  • mrjimbo
    This has been a most interesting discussion .. but it s really not solving the problem.. Just to get everyone up to speed again on why Apple doesn t use
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2011
      This has been a most interesting discussion .. but it's really not solving the problem.. Just to get everyone up to speed again on why Apple doesn't use Flash.. Here's the url to Steve's statement.. http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/ You may be able to poke a few holes in it but clearly his reasons , while not in the best interest of some groups, appear to be in the best interest of Apple. I know many here aren't fans of Job and possibly Apple.. Their product vision has been both good and bad thru the years but they certainly have had vision.. Anyway.. were caught in a snapshot of time and all things will change... The new wave of iOS equipment is a huge step forward in technology.. Maybe we forget how truly significant this step is.. I just spent a week photographing Crow Fair on the Crow Reservation.. It's in the middle of nothing.. but they actually have a fairly solid wireless network there.. I watched a guy on a wagon in the parade check the weather on his iPad.. (took several pics of the guy) ..totally blew me away given where we were at. I now have wireless to my both my shack and my studio.... The tower is 12 miles away..this is not new but blows away the Satellite technology I had before.... Things are moving very fast.. Respectfully .. you could say it's about Apple not stepping up to using a software product.. or you could also say it's about Adobe not stepping up to the plate developing a product that really works and doing so on a time frame that supports the industry changes.... Flash was not designed to really work with the MAC OS.. that has been a well known fact for years.. It's really a PC / Microsoft development based effort..
      Anyway hunker down and solve the issues the best we can.. I think that's what is needed. Out of that will come further innovations for improvement..


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      And why is it difficult to understand that Flash is in active development,
      and will not stay the same forever?

      Our Flash 11 panorama engine runs at 0% CPU during autorotation or manual
      spinning of it, or when it stands still... 1 MB memory usage for a pano with
      6 cubefaces at 2048x2048 pixels in size, with additional sizes of
      1024-512-256-128-64-32-16-8-4-2-1 for the mipmapping. Total size for the
      test in question is 7MB.

      Smooth, and nice.

      No, that can not be achieved with current public version of Flash 10 and
      current engines. Since technology is not like religion, things move ahead.
      Improve. Get better. Flash of today on mobile devices leaves a lot to be
      wished for, wishes come true in that area... given time... but wishing for
      Apple to change course is seemingly something that apple people rule out by

      Facts of yesterday are not the facts of today.... in the part of the world
      that evolves.


      On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 4:40 AM, <panokaemena@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Why is it so difficult to accept the reason of Sir Steve against flash on
      > iOS
      > face the fact:
      > Flash version brings my i7 processor iMac to 250% Load only for running a
      > spinning flash panorama in the browser
      > Fooling Safari to be an iPad and showing the panorama without flash, the
      > processor load is during superfast spinning hovering between 6 and 15%
      > I am not willing to carry an additional power brick with me in order to see
      > panos in flash on an iOS device.
      > And the few Flash Only websites which I come across, are annoying me even
      > on a desktop.
      > Willy

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