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Re: [PanoToolsNG] SSD disk

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  • Blake Michaelson
    I have a 120mb OCZ Vertex3 SSD in my
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27, 2011
      I have a 120mb OCZ Vertex3
      my 2011 MBP (13"/8GB ram) - I took out my smartdrive and put the
      SATA drive in its spot using an Optibay <http://www.mcetech.com/optibay/> -
      I have OSX Lion and all my applications installed on the SSD.

      I bring the TIFF's I'm working with onto the SSD and use them there, and
      store any PSD's on the secondary internal drive. You'll have to configure
      PS to use only the secondary drive as a scratch disk.

      I found a significant increase in speed - almost instantaneous opening of
      applications, PS starts in a few seconds, files open almost immediately,
      etc. Although PTGui still takes a bit of time to load all TIFFs, it's much
      faster than using the standard SATA drive. The downside is having limited
      space and creatively moving/working with large amounts of data. Overall a
      huge boost in my productivity - I'd recommend using the SSD as an
      OS/applications disk.

      There is much debate over TRIM on SSDs and OSX Lion - my drive isn't
      supported (I believe only a few vendors are currently supported - only the
      apple-branded ssd's are currently supported is my understanding) - but there
      is the question if TRIM is even needed on sandforce controlled SSDs; so,
      TRIM is another discussion entirely.

      As a note, I see the spinning beachball several times a day while using OSX
      Lion, but literally never saw it with Snow Leopard - hopefully the TRIM and
      other non-apple SSDs will be addressed in 10.7.1... this
      was interesting though.

      2011/7/27 Ignacio Ferrando Margel� <fotografia@...>

      > Hello,
      > I just received a new 6G SSD disk and I installed on my MBP�. I want to
      > use it as tmp disk for stitching large panoramas with PTGUI and Autopano
      > and as scratch disk for PS� I have a question, do you think that is better
      > that I install also the osX on this disk or that will not improve too much
      > the stitch time?? I ask that because the SSD have 240GB and if I install the
      > system + app.. it takes space�
      > regards
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