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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Pclix intervalometer for sub-1 second sequences

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  • Ken Warner
    Please ignore this post I answered the wrong message. Sorry.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 14, 2011
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      Please ignore this post I answered the wrong message.


      Ken Warner wrote:
      > Are you sure you are not being fooled or hoaxed?
      > panovrx wrote:
      >> I got one of these intervalometers recently
      >> http://www.pclix.com/
      >> One of its features is that it can shoot sequences at intervals
      >> from 0.1 second up (the only one I have found that can do sub 1 second intervals). This should be really handy for shooting Raw stereo panoramas and timelapse back to back panoramic movies (with 2 cameras with +180 fisheye lenses).
      >> 2 5DMkIIs can shoot synced Continuous 3.8fps M JPEGs indefinitely but not Raw. Or SRawI or SRawII.
      >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwzCMPeS6JE
      >> Twin 5DmkIIs can shoot Raw, or SRaw1/2 in sync at 1fps with a regular intervalometer .
      >> I have been doing some twin 5DmkII testing with the Pclix -
      >> you can get reliable indefinite sync at minimum 0.4 second intervals for SRaw1 -- ie. 20 seconds for a 50 shot raw stereo pano instead of 50 seconds. A big difference in stitchability for a stereo pano of a changeable scene. And street timelapse 360 movies would often look more interesting too I think with sub 1 second intervals.
      >> PeterM
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