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  • dorindxn
    Hi Peter, I realize now that my post could be misleading. The follows are OT but could explain something Due to the fact that I only press the button of my
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      Hi Peter, I realize now that my post could be misleading.

      The follows are OT but could explain something

      Due to the fact that I only press the button of my camera and the panos are on-line 10 (now 2.5) minutes later, I'm wearing a notebook in backpack and I have (same as Rudolph) a vodafone changing color nose, well is not nose, more is like heart :) .
      I also have a card reader and need to select the photos on my camera prior to insert the card, I could let the software to do the selection as well but sometimes I judge better.
      When I take stereo, the left camera's photos is read through usb wire, the software knows based on exif form which camera the photos comes, so I can use the card reader for the left camera as well.

      For me is hard to imagine something simplier, and as I do 3D stitche panos as well, the stitching and retouching for 3D seems more dificult.

      I reduced my offer (due to lack of interest at that time) to use of my stitchless method from "anyone can" only to news photo agency with need of at least 1000 panos in a year, after some arangement$ made by both parties (me and that agency)

      I posted those links to 3Ds as OP looks like didn't saw such 3D panos.

      I started this innovation several yaers ago asking Fiero, the best developer I know, for some improovements in DevalVR, the start was in little steps starting with a single cube face from a single fish eye image, then 6 cubes, then 36. As I didin't had a fish-eye lens I then ask for help requiring (or as someone better putted in words, begging for) images, wich images I received in no time and the first stitchess panos were online with photos from UK to as far as Australia
      and at Panotools 2009 here in Timisoara I covered the event with such panos.
      At that time Jeffrey who has better contact with Klaus than me,contacted Klaus and my method was ported in krpano's scripts, at that time a beta version of krpano, so I continued dto display them in krpano's flash due to the much larger audience than DevalVR.

      Due to professional courtesy I'll not insist on advantages of the stitchless over the stitched panos, as I'm the only one doing them.

      After years of development the stichless become so powerfull, interesting and everyday changing, (I'm using a version of the software dated yesturday) and at one of the yearly panotools meetings (will not be Vienna next month due to lack of funds) I'll make a presentations of the stitchless technicue From fish eye to gigapixel images from computer display to print, from arts, social events and crime scenes to Mars - still waiting some answers from NASA for the last one -
      Due to above said some of the very latest developments (gigapixels, so on) aren't online at this moment and will not be util that presentation. I'm sure many of you couldn't belive that some are possible from first place hope that is not offending for anyoane but only describe how some "panocons" in stitchless are turned in "panopros" like the tollerance to parallax whih allows 3D, but again, I'll not insist.

      BTW as I'm not making money from panos I'm using a 2004 camera and a fish eye donated by members of the Panoguide, the greatest forum about panoramas as this is the greatest mail list, and for 3D with 2 cameras I need to borrow the second combo.


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      > > Yes, Erik is absolutelly right the stitched 3D panoramas are more difficult than the stitchless,
      > >
      > > cheers,
      > > Dorin
      > > http://www.livepanoramas.com
      > Well I dont know if that is right. New Sony compacts which have the 3D Sweep panorama feature make 3d panoramas with just a wave of the camera through the air. Though they are not spherical or 360.
      > If you have an accurate indexing panorama head and an accurate level though it is pretty simple I think to make stitched stereo 360 panoramas -- of static scenes at least -- with one or two cameras, so long as you shoot enough pairs at small enough rotation increments.
      > Dorin is the only one I am aware of making 3d stitchless panoramas and my understanding is it requires a good working knowledge of
      > Krpano scripting to put them online. (But they are great to look at!)
      > PeterM
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