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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Sony NEX-3 and PTViewer

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    Hi Steve, 2011/6/23 manwithjunk@btinternet.com ...  [... deleted ...] ... To make it short: Handling sweep-paoramas for the
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 27, 2011
      Hi Steve,

      2011/6/23 manwithjunk@... <manwithjunk@...>

      > I've recently bought a Sony NEX-3 which has an auto-stitcher built in to the camera.

       [... deleted ...]

      > Could someone give me some advice?

      To make it short: Handling sweep-paoramas for the purpose of an
      interactive presentation or stitching these images together is not an
      easy task.

      Some time ago Panotwin Markus tried to stitch sweep panoramas from a
      NEX and he documented his observations in our blog.

      Spherical pano combined from sweep panoramas:

      Spherical pano stitched from sweep panoramas, an experiment:

      Best regards,

      Panotwin Jürgen
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