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Re: smaller camera

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  • Hans
    Better http://www.dpreview.com/previews/panasonicdmcg3/ Hans
    Message 1 of 43 , Jun 2, 2011


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      > > I've been using a D300 and D700 for my panoramas, but am looking for something smaller and lighter for 360s, preferably with raw file storage and video, for remote trips where weight (and saving my back) are a priority. Something like a high-end point and shoot with a fisheye adapter is what I'm thinking of. I've only done a quick search thus far and came across the Lumix fisheye and the GF2 body is the sort of size I'm looking for, but I know nothing about them or how well 360s turn out with it. Any suggestions or links to prior discussions would be appreciated; feel free to contact me directly as wel
      > > Thanks,
      > The Lumix G3 http://www.dpreview.com/previews/
      > Will be out in shops in june. It has a New 16mp sensor and a quality comparable to the Sony Nex.
      > And it has All the functions that SONY does not have. Remote and bracketing.
      > I Will be lokning for it as soon as it comes to Denmark.
      > Hans
    • Ken Warner
      The problem with adapters is that they need to match the optics of the host camera or there will be various kinds of distortions from vignetting to severe
      Message 43 of 43 , Jul 22, 2011
        The problem with adapters is that they need to match the optics
        of the host camera or there will be various kinds of distortions
        from vignetting to severe chromatic aberration to soft corners.

        If you are going for a compact plus wide or fisheye adapter,
        you will get the best results with adapters purpose built
        for that particular camera. The early Nikons like the 5400
        and 8400 worked well (for their day) with the Nikon fisheye adapters.

        So if you are getting a P7000, go to the Nikon web site
        and be sure it is compatible with the fisheye or wide
        angle adapter you use.

        Just selecting adapters because they are available is not
        necessarily going to give you good results.

        web@... wrote:
        > Does any one have experience with Nikon P7000 and FC-E9 fisheye adapter? Apparently they can be attached together using a UR-E22 tube with 46-52mm adapter ring. This is kind of the size I was looking for -- a compact camera with full manual controls and raw files that I can keep in a pant pocket, then pull out an adapter from a backpack when needed for sphericals. I found an example of this on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/raneko/5157116441/
        > I'm not familiar with these sorts of attachments, but if I understand correctly the image circle is smaller than the sensor? This seems to waste a lot of pixels; it does also look like a big, fragile thing and I saw some comments about the intermediate adapters not quite fitting right. The only other wide angle attachment I could find for the P7000 was the WC-E75A, but it doesnt seem quite wide enough to be really useful for sphericals. Is there something in between these two of high quality?
        > -Matt
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