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Here is a Palmela 2011 update (very long one)

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    Hi, Here is an update on the current situation: If you don t want to read this very long e-mail, just head here for the post:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2011

      Here is an update on the current situation:

      If you don't want to read this very long e-mail, just head here for the
      post: http://www.palmela2011.com/news/palmela-2011-update-april-17-2011

      This summer Palmela, Portugal, will be the world capital of panoramic
      It is going to be amazing!

      Panorama photographers are coming from around the world to this charming
      village in the vineyard-covered hills south of Lisbon for a feature full
      program packed with tutorials, lectures, vendor displays, banquets,
      receptions, and field trips. Not to mention exhibitions of every sort of
      panoramic photography art, all over town, all summer long.
      How many attendees registered so far?
      As of today, April 17, 2011, we have 110 attendees registered for the
      Tutorials, Conference or Tutorials + Conference programs.
      This number surpasses our best estimates and confirms Palmela 2011 as the
      biggest and best international panoramic photography conference.

      If you want to hang out with the world’s leading panoramic photographers –
      Palmela is the place and June 1–5 is the time.

      To register for the conference, check the ticket prices
      here<http://www.palmela2011.com/tickets>and register
      here <http://www.palmela2011.com/tutorials-and-conference-registration>.
      Please beware that early bird prices are due to end on April 30!
      Who is coming to Palmela 2011?
      Willy Kaemena came up with a great way to visualize who is coming and where
      from in the form of a Google Map that will be continually updated as more
      registrations come in.
      Check the Palmela 2011 Attendee Map

      Palmela 2011 – The Tutorials
      The Palmela 2011 tutorials program turned out to be a huge success with
      registrations so far tripling the estimate, with 30 registrations. So, in
      addition to Pat Swovelin, we added a second tutorial instructor, Keith
      Martin, who was kind enough to accept the challenge and is right now working
      with Pat on the tutorial program details.
      The tutorials program will run on May 31 and we have two conference rooms
      available to the participants, the Cine-Teatro São João (main conference
      room) and the Palmela Municipal Library conference room (just across the
      street from the theater).
      A lunch buffet will be served to all tutorials attendees by the Palmela
      Castle Pousada at the 1st. floor of the Cine-Teatro São João.

      Palmela Regional Products Showcase
      All Palmela 2011 attendees are invited for a Palmela Regional Products
      Showcase at Pátio do Pessegueiro, the beautiful balcony at Palmela Castle
      Pousada, on May 31 between 5pm to 8pm that will include a Moscatel de
      Setúbal wine tasting event kindly offered by out partner Setúbal Península
      Wine Route. This event is open to all Palmela 2011 attendees, just drop by
      the Pousada and try some of the local products [image: ;-)]

      Palmela 2011 – The Conference
      The four days of lectures and seminars will cover all the hot topics on the
      panoramic photography world and we are fortunate enough to have a list of
      speakers that includes the best personalities that are relevant today in the
      world of panoramic photography.
      Currently we have the following 19
      speakers<http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/speakers>lined up
      to talk at Palmela 2011:

      - Ignacio Ferrando
      Capturing the impossible panorama
      - Joergen Geerds<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/joergen-geerds-panoramas-and-the-art-market>–
      Panoramas and the Art Market
      - Nicole Tung and Jason
      VR Photography in crime scenes
      - Thomas K. Sharpless<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/thomas-k-sharpless-beyond-the-lens-panini-the-software-view-camera>–
      Beyond the Lens – Panini, the software view camera
      - Markus Matern and Jürgen
      Reprojecting equirectangular images…
      - Alain Hamblenne<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/alain-hamblenne-welcome-to-the-third-dimension>–
      Welcome to the 3rd Dimension!
      - Jeffrey Martin<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/jeffrey-martin-the-360cities-community>–
      The 360cities Community
      - Sam Rohn<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/sam-rohn-panopress-panoramas-wordpress>–
      Panopress: Panoramas + WordPress
      - Omer Calev<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/omer-calev-using-panoramas-to-document-people>–
      Using panoramas to document people
      - Urs Krebs<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/urs-krebs-the-roundshot-adventure>–
      The Roundshot adventure
      - Andrew Bodrov<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/andrew-bodrov-capturing-panoramas-using-a-monopod>–
      Capturing panoramas using a monopod
      - Kent Durk<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/kent-durk-exploring-in-hdr>–
      Exploring in HDR
      - Joe Rao<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/joe-rao-crime-scene-vr-software-and-city-8-street-view-capturing-system>–
      Crime Scene VR software and City 8 Street View Capturing System
      - Keith Martin<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/keith-martin-panoramas-and-ipad-magazines>–
      Panoramas and iPad magazines
      - Thomas Rauscher<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/thomas-rauscher-pano2vr-3>–
      Pano2VR 3
      - Bernard Custard and Iban Borrás
      ViewAt.org Present and Future

      In addition to the 19 speakers listed above, we have another 8 approved
      speakers to be announced in the coming days, we are currently busy preparing
      those announcement pages. This makes a total of 27 approved speakers, wow!
      Such a fantastic group of persons with an invaluable wealth of panoramic
      information to share at Palmela 2011 – The Conference, makes attending this
      conference, a must!
      Palmela 2011 – The Marketplace
      Palmela 2011 partners and vendors will run a full day marketplace event at
      the 1st floor of the Cine Teatro São João on May 31, plus daily runs from
      June 1 – 4 between 1pm to 3pm during lunch time. This space will be adjacent
      to the buffet lunch served by the Palmela Castle Pousada at the Cine-Teatro
      São João to all conference attendees and there will be plenty of time to eat
      and check the goodies every day.
      This is a rare opportunity to personally check that gear that you have seen
      on the web, but miss the real feel of it before the purchase.
      We still have sponsoring
      and also some advertising

      Palmela 2011 – IVRPA Awards Banquet
      The IVRPA Board of Directors will attribute the 2011 IVRPA Awards during the
      banquet at Palmela Castle Pousada, all conference attendees are invited to
      attend this special dinner served in a fantastic location on June 1, 2011
      between 8pm and 11pm.

      Palmela 2011 – Winery Tour
      The Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route kindly offered all Palmela 2011 attendees a
      winery tour to the most beautiful palaces and wineries in the region.
      On June 4 in the afternoon, Palmela 2011 attendees will start the visit at
      José Maria da Fonseca Museum to visit the house and taste two JMF wines,
      next is the Bacalhoa Palace, including a taste of Moscated and finishing the
      tour at Casa Ermelinda Freitas winery for a food and drink event that will
      leave everyone in a good mood [image: ;-)]

      Palmela 2011 – Photo Safari
      We are hard at work planning the Photo Safari and will have detailed
      information about it on the next update in a couple of weeks.
      This will be a journey across the Serra da Arrábida, starting in Palmela and
      ending in Sesimbra.

      Palmela 2011 – Hotels
      There are four official hotels that will be served by free bus transfers
      between the main Palmela 2011 venues. The Palmela Castle
      Pousada<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/hotel>and the Setúbal
      sold off only a few days after opening registrations, but we still
      have many rooms available at the Palmela
      a few rooms available at the Hotel
      do Sado <http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/hotel-do-sado-business-nature>units.
      The Palmela Village is a golf resort and recommended for those that
      want a more relaxed stay. The Hotel do Sado Business and Nature is a
      beautiful hotel located in direct line of sight between both Pousadas and
      enjoys beautiful views over the city of Setúbal and the Sado river.

      Palmela 2011 – The Exhibitions
      The panoramas won’t just be in the conference, they will be everywhere in
      Palmela. There will be special exhibitions in every display space in town,
      plus many of the restaurants, bars and other businesses. The Festival
      exhibitions will continue through the summer, promoting panoramic
      photography and photographers long after the conference is over.
      Here is an overview of the exhibitions announced so far:

      *World Wide Streetviews<http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/world-wide-streetviews>
      * – An exhibition curated by Jürgen Schrader to feature street imagery from
      all over the world into the bars and restaurants of Palmela Old Town. We
      received 17 submissions so far, plenty of opportunities available, if you
      want to contribute, there is a good chance to be selected here.

      *Our Worlds <http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/our-worlds>* – An
      exhibition curated by Sam Rohn to feature 20 little planets printed on a
      circular canvas to be displayed at the Cine-Teatro São João foyer. We
      received over 40 submissions so far, most of them of excellent quality
      level, looks like Sam will have a hard time selecting the 20 best planets.

      *Masters of Contemporary Panoramic
      * – An exhibition curated by G. Donald Bain that will feature some of the
      leading practitioners in the field of 360-degree digital photography. This
      exhibit will be staged among the columns and arches of the historic São
      Tiago Church crowning the peak at Palmela Castle. The combination of soaring
      light-filled spaces and brilliant graphics by a select group of our
      respected colleagues will make this a unique showcase for the art and
      science of panoramic photography. If you want to be considered for this
      exhibition, just fill in the form and Don Bain will be pleased to review
      your aplication.

      In addition, we will announce in the coming days, details about the
      following exhibitions:

      - Gigapixel Challenge to select a stunning gigapixel to be printed at
      2,2×22 meters
      - Panorama Borealis by G. Donald Bain to be displayed at the Palmela
      Municipal Gallery
      - Vanishing Worlds by Omer Calev to be displayed at the Wine Route House
      - New York, New York by Joergen Geerds to be displayed at the Palmela
      Castle Pousada

      We hope to be able to disclose full details about these exhibitions in the
      next days, or sooner if we find a way to stretch time [image: ;-)]
      Palmela 2011 – Organization Volunteers:
      The Palmela 2011 — Panoramic Photography Festival was made possible by the
      dedicated work the following volunteers.

      - Carlos Chegado – *Conference Organizer*
      - Sandra Mexa – *Conference Treasurer*
      - Matthias Taugwalder – *Sponsorship Coordinator*
      - Pat Swovelin – *Tutorials Coordinator*
      - Keith Martin – *Tutorials Coordinator*
      - Aaron Spence – *Registration Coordinator*
      - Willy Kaemena – *Transport Coordinator*
      - Karyn Laudisi – *Video*

      *Palmela 2011 Exhibitions team:*

      - Carlos Chegado (*Portugal*)
      - G. Donald Bain (*USA*)
      - Jürgen Schrader (*Germany*)
      - Sam Rohn (*USA*)
      - Joergen Geerds (*USA*)
      - Omer Calev (*Israel*)

      *Palmela 2011 translate team:*

      - Carlos Chegado EN (*Portugal*)
      - Pat Swovelin EN (*USA*)
      - Inês Mendes PT (*Portugal*)
      - Vincèn Pujol FR (*France*)
      - Mike Sikorski PL (*Ireland*)
      - Sandra Pilar Paulino ES (*Portugal*)
      - Mauro Contrafatto IT (*Italy*)
      - Michael Hundrieser DE (*Germany*)
      - Manuel Chapa PT (*Portugal*)
      - Inês Anselmo PT (*Portugal*)

      On behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors


      Carlos Chegado

      Come and join us for Palmela 2011 — The International Panoramic Photography

      — Tutorials, Conference, Photo Safari, Marketplace, Exhibitions >>
      Palmela2011.com <http://www.palmela2011.com/>

      My best regards
      Os melhores cumprimentos


      Carlos Chegado

      Join us at the Palmela 2011 - International panoramic Photography
      Conference, June 1-5, 2011


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