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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Unethical advertising incentives?

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    ... hehehehehehe Sorry Stefan, but I think you re living in the dark ages .... :-) NIKON , Canon, Sony, etc ... of course pays and gives cameras to a LOT of
    Message 1 of 43 , Mar 31, 2011
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      On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 4:16 PM, belmeloro <stefan.geens@...> wrote:

      > Hi Matt,
      > If I look at all the gear in my pano workflow -- pro Nikon DSLRs, Apple
      > Computer, Manfrotto... these all fit into the category of premium
      > manufacturers with top notch reputations, into which I would like to place
      > 360Precision, because the gear really is that good.
      > But these other manufacturers don't do two things:
      > 1. They don't provide financial incentives for endorsements from customers,
      > for example by offering an extended warranty in return for viral marketing.
      > I think it's because they feel it cheapens their brand, and I'd agree with
      > them.

      Sorry Stefan, but I think you're living in the dark ages .... :-)

      NIKON , Canon, Sony, etc ... of course pays and gives cameras to a LOT of
      photographers to promote their products !!!

      The list is so long that I'm gonna say only a few:

      SebastiĆ£o Salgado got his Canons for use and they even prepared a special
      modification ONLY for him !

      In the 80s I got 5 Nikon cameras and all lenses (three) of each one, to use
      during a Jacques Cousteau Expedition
      I could use it, destroy, damage, do whatever was necessary to get a shot,
      and get replaced as long as I would make reviews of it for them

      I have a friend of mine that today, he uses SONY DSLRs just because he get
      paied to promote them. He gives a LOT of workshops on Lightroom 3.0
      Adobe gives him all the Premium Suites, for free, of course, if he makes
      reviews of it and promote during his workshops

      Apple always send me iMacs to use in my workshops and even demostrations to
      public, just because they want me to promote the computers

      In the 70s, Eric Meola and Pete Turner were given tonssss of Nikon cameras
      to use it as a promotion for the brand

      And also they got rolsss of films Kodachrome from KODAK, just for saying
      that they love to shoot with it

      This is SO normal ...

      What Matt is doing is just moving ahead in time and taking this to the
      social medias ... Facebook and Twitter
      Where else it could be better ?

      BTW: I do not use his products, I love my Nodal Ninjas, but I respect his
      product and I think what he did is just a clever idea to promote his brand,
      and after all it is completely Ethical and Legal

      best regards

      + 55 21 9982 6313 - RIO
      + 55 11 3717 5131 - SP

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    • Keith Martin
      ... I meant a face-to-face-LIKE level of communication. Doh! k
      Message 43 of 43 , Apr 2, 2011
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        I said:

        >Twitter provides a casual, face-to-face-level
        >of communication that's like chatting as you pass in a hall, the
        >street, the park, the pub...

        I meant a face-to-face-LIKE level of communication. Doh!

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