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Here is a Palmela 2011 Update!

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    Hi, Here is a Palmela 2011 - update: *For those without time to read the detail = * Over 60 registered attendees already signed in, we now have two hotels
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011

      Here is a Palmela 2011 - update:

      *For those without time to read the detail =>* Over 60 registered attendees
      already signed in, we now have two hotels fully packed with Palmela 2011
      attendees, a third hotel under
      start accept bookings from today (March 1) with up to 100 rooms available!
      Speakers <http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/speakers> and
      sponsors<http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/partners> being
      announced at Palmela2011.com <http://palmela2011.com/>. Now it's a good time
      to sign up for Palmela

      And here is the more detailed update:
      *Conference Attendees:*

      As of today, March 1, we have over 60 attendees registered for the
      conference or tutorials + conference programs, this is the highest number of
      registrations in the first month of any previous IVRPA conference.
      Hopefully we should be able to start publish the attendee list on the Palmela
      2011 website <http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/attendees> in the
      coming days.
      If you want to register for the conference, now it's a good time, check the
      ticket prices here <http://www.palmela2011.com/tickets> and register

      *Conference Speakers: *

      We have some great speakers lined up
      already<http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/speakers>, Ignacio
      Ferrando Margelí, Joergen Geerds, Nicole Tung and Jason Barr, Thomas K.
      Sharpless, but we ain't stopping here, more speakers will be announced
      during next month as we aim to cover all hot topics in the panoramic world.
      If you are attending Palmela 2011 and want to give a talk here,
      contact us<http://www.palmela2011.com/about/contact>,
      we still have some 30min and 20min speaker slots available.

      *Conference Sponsors:*

      We recently opened sponsor registrations and already Nodal
      , Tourwrist <http://www.tourwrist.com/>, Kolor <http://www.kolor.com/>
      and Garden
      Gnome <http://gardengnomesoftware.com/> showed their love for this
      conference by signing in as Palmela 2011 Sponsors, Vendors or Partners.
      Check the terms here <http://www.palmela2011.com/info/sponsors> and sign in
      by registering your company to become a sponsor

      *Conference Accommodation:*

      The first hotel, Palmela Castle Pousada was sold out on Feb. 14. The second
      Hotel, the S. Filipe Fortress Pousada in nearby Setúbal, sold out yesterday,
      Feb. 28.
      Given the high demand we are experiencing for this conference, we went to
      great lengths to find a third hotel to accommodate everyone that wants to
      attend Palmela 2011 - The Conference from June 1 to 5, 2011.

      The new hotel is the Palmela Village Golf
      although not up there in the Castle, it's located only 10 minutes away from
      the village on a recently built golf resort.
      We hope this new option with up to 100 rooms available will settle
      everyone's need for a room to attend Palmela 2011.

      *Palmela 2011 Exhibitions:*

      Several teams are working on many different exhibitions and we expect to
      start announce the exhibitions in detail next week.
      We have planned the following Palmela 2011 exhibitions to open to public on
      June 2 and 3, 2011:

      - Gigapixel Challenge.
      - Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography.
      - Panos for the People group exhibition (distributed across several
      places on Palmela Old Town).
      - My Planets (stereographic projection group exhibition).
      - Three individual exhibitions from renowned panoramic artists

      For some of the exhibitions we will launch in the coming days a request
      for submissions from the panoramic community.
      Everyone will have equal chance to participate, independently of being an
      IVRPA member or not.
      Exhibitions will open on the first week of June, remain on display during
      the summer and close on August 31.

      *Palmela 2011 Volunteers:*

      The Palmela 2011 – Panoramic Photography Festival was made possible by the
      dedicated work the following volunteers.

      - Carlos Chegado – *Conference Organizer*
      - Sandra Mexa – *Conference Treasurer*
      - Matthias Taugwalder – *Sponsorship Coordinator*
      - Pat Swovelin – *Tutorials Coordinator*
      - Aaron Spence – *Registration Coordinator*
      - Willy Kaemena – *Transport Coordinator*
      - Karyn Laudisi – *Video*

      *Palmela 2011 Exhibitions team:*

      - Carlos Chegado (*Portugal*)
      - G. Donald Bain (*USA*)
      - Jürgen Schrader (*Germany*)
      - Sam Rohn (*USA*)
      - Joergen Geerds (*USA*)

      *Palmela 2011 translate team:*

      - Carlos Chegado EN (*Portugal*)
      - Pat Swovelin EN (*USA*)
      - Inês Mendes PT (*Portugal*)
      - Vincèn Pujol FR (*France*)
      - Mike Sikorski PL (*Ireland*)
      - Sandra Pilar Paulino ES (*Portugal*)
      - Mauro Contrafatto IT (*Italy*)
      - Michael Hundrieser DE (*Germany*)

      On behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors


      Carlos Chegado

      Come join us for Palmela 2011 - The International Panoramic Photography

      - Tutorials, Conference, Photo Safari, Marketplace, Exhibitions >>

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