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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Future of VR Panoramas - WAS: Apple dropped QTVR

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  • Don Bain
    Thank you , Hans, I was waiting for you to report. You have by far the best handle on this. Personally, I prefer 360 panoramas to VR panoramas , and maybe
    Message 1 of 56 , Feb 1, 2011
      Thank you , Hans, I was waiting for you to report. You have by far the best handle on this.

      Personally, I prefer "360 panoramas" to "VR panoramas", and maybe in this post-QTVR era, we are ready for a change. I think "panorama" is essential both because it appears in so many of our sites and because it describes one essential aspect of what we do. The 360 helps separate us from the traditional panoramic photographers. And both terms translate well.

      I am surprised how much the plural panoramas differs from just panorama, I expected Google would treat them the same. Also that QTVR is still so strong. But then, you are reporting the results of searches, not what search terms people are likely to use.

      Which is really the core issue - we want people who are looking for our sort of content to know how to get it in a search.

      My main concern is not people looking for VR panoramas in general, but when they want a 360 view of a particular place - that's my geographer background.

      Have you tried some searches that combine a place featured on panoramas.dk coupled with one of the media terms such as VR panoramas?

      I Googled "White Sands panoramas" and got my (very old) pano on panoramas.dk first, and the relevant page on VirtualGuidebooks second, so I like that.


      On Feb 1, 2011, at 4:47 AM, Hans wrote:

      > This has been up so many times now and I do not understand why.
      > In Swedish, Norwegian and Danish we have a proverb saying
      > "Kärt barn har många namn" direct translated A beloved child has many names.
      > The expression in English "Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan" is referenced as a similar one but does not quite cover it.
      > I think it is a great advantages that we have a lot of names for what we do.
      > On the internet it gives us much larger possibilities for keywords.
      > And what you want to use to describe it for a client does not really matter.
      > Personally I believe 360 panorama will be understandable in all languages.
      > If you look at the expressions that are international there is no doubt.
      > The world panorama, panoramas is used in practically all languages.
      > If we ad some additional description as VR panoramas, 360 panoramas it is still international.
      > Immersive will not be understood by many, i guess not even English spoken
      > I have done some searches in Google.com to get the current search results for some of the most used.
      > These are the exact expression searches. All these gives panoramas.dk as No 1.
      > And it does not matter what Google you search in or if you use the exact boolean expression or just the words.
      > "quicktime vr panoramas" 275,000 hits
      > "vr panoramas" 347,000
      > panoramas 10,100,000
      > "virtual panoramas" 19,000
      > "virtual reality panorama" 40,300
      > "interactive panoramas" 67,000
      > But the singular world panorama is something else. Usually it is a news site or name for a TV News show.
      > It gives you 59.900.000 hits and I now managed to get up to No 5 and 6 but there are no other 360 Panoramic sites until No 37 which is Panoguide.
      > Combinations with 360 brings 360cities and some iTunes apps to the top
      > "360 panorama" 161,000 pdk 3, 360-cities 4
      > "360 panoramas" 37,300 pdk 1, 360cities 2
      > "360 panoramic images" 358,000 pdk 3
      > If you look at combinations with interactive you can really se the difference (advantage for me) with several keywords.
      > The exact expression does not give me any place at all at least among the first 50.
      > "interactive panoramic images" 160.000
      > But interactive panoramic images 203,000 has panoramas.dk as No 3 and 4.
      > What about QTVR. It still gives 286.000 hits and I dropped down to No 9.
      > Something else is what people really are searching for.
      > I will have a look at the current status for this in Analytics. It may have changed since I have not checked it lately.
      > Hans
    • Bostjan Burger
      My opinion is that we need to be exact with the use of terms. We know many types of panoramas from the geographical point of view, as social, economic,
      Message 56 of 56 , Feb 5, 2011
        My opinion is that we need to be exact with the use of terms. We know many types
        of panoramas from the geographical point of view, as social, economic, cultural
        panoramas. My daughters study music so they are familiar with musical panoramas…
        I am working with the physical geography and GIS and panorama means for me a
        visual perception of a landscape or a region. It is true; term panorama became
        popular when geographers started with crocs which represented the surrounding
        landscapes, often with 360°. That sketches were named panorama. Panorama is
        truly worldwide expression and recognizable in most of the modern languages.
        From that point of view I have no problem with using that term even in small
        rooms (even not logical in some cases of use…). So… panorama (not a vista as
        insitu view) is a flat 2D picture, photography of the landscape (urban or rural)
        or »other« scapes. Interactive panorama is something what we can move or is with
        hotspots. That what we do is the presentation of that flat 2D: paint, image,
        sketch, photography which represents panorama, on the screen. That presentation
        is with the projection algorithm which makes a mental illusion of the
        surrounding image like to be there. If someone say 360° panorama I can't be
        sure: is that a print or screen projection? Same is with interactive panorama –
        is it only interactive picture or is the illusion of the surrounding? With term
        Spherical panorama is same…is it a print, projection? What about cylinders?
        (Most of my panoramas from mountain tops are cylinders).

        But all is with the agreement and the consensuns with the use of terms. Let’s
        use something what is already recognizable but be exact: flat is flat and
        projection is a projection… Last decade I used term 360° panorama for a flat
        image like prints and Virtual Reality panorama for a projection of that same
        image on the screen.


        From: Don Bain <dbain@...>
        To: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Sat, February 5, 2011 3:52:33 AM
        Subject: Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Future of VR Panoramas - WAS: Apple dropped QTVR
        > VRP

        IP is in use - it stands for Internet Protocol, as well as Intellectual

        I use pano all the time also, but only when conversing with someone already
        familiar with the concept.

        Virtual Tour is also in use - follow a few links and you will find mostly
        collections of still images, only a few VR panoramas.

        To me, it isn't a tour unless it is linked nodes, with hotspots or a
        floorplan/map. How can it be a tour if it is just from one place?

        VR panorama, 360 panorama, interactive panorama - they all work.


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