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Palmela 2011 – The International Panoramic Photography Festival

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  • carloschegado
    This is a special announcement from the IVRPA Board of Directors that will interest many on this list :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This summer Palmela, Portugal,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2011
      This is a special announcement from the IVRPA Board of Directors that
      will interest many on this list :)


      This summer Palmela, Portugal, will become the world capital of
      panoramic photography. It is going to be amazing!

      Photographers will be coming from around the world to this charming
      village in the vineyard-covered hills south of Lisbon. There will be
      tutorials, lectures, vendor displays, banquets, receptions, and field
      trips. Not to mention exhibitions of every sort of panoramic photography
      art, all over town, all summer long.

      Palmela 2011 – The Tutorials
      On Tuesday, May 31, 2011, before the main conference begins, there will
      be a full day of hands-on instruction in shooting and processing VR
      panoramas. Whatever your level of expertise, this is a chance to learn
      from some of the leaders in the field, and to practice shooting in this
      superbly scenic location.

      Palmela 2011 – The Conference
      This will be held from June 1 to 5, 2011. It is sponsored by the
      International VR Photography Association (the IVRPA) and the
      Municipality of Palmela.

      There will be four days of lectures and seminars: Wednesday on the art
      and craft of shooting panoramic photographs; Thursday the digital
      processing of panoramic images; Friday will be about publishing
      panoramas on various media; and finally on Saturday the business of
      panoramic art.

      Palmela 2011 – The Photo Safari
      On Sunday, the last day of the conference, there will be a photo-safari
      around Palmela, Serra da Arrábida and Sesimbra that will last for a
      whole day and includes a lunch at the Dona Isilda Restaurant.

      Home base will be the historic Palmela Castle crowning a rocky ridge
      with a luxury hotel inside —the Pousada Palmela. The entire hotel
      will be available exclusively for participants in the conference, and at
      a deeply discounted rate! Lectures and other events will be held in the
      recently renovated theater Cine-Teatro São João. Even though
      everything will be within easy walking distance, the organization will
      provide minibus services to carry all attendees to the Hotel and
      conference venue.

      Warm Portuguese hospitality will be a feature of this conference, with
      wholehearted participation by the townspeople and local businesses.
      Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided every day by the Pousada staff,
      plus a reception and dinner at the hotel on Wednesday. During the rest
      of the week there will be time to walk around the town and get together
      with old and new friends in the restaurants. Saturday after the sessions
      end there will be a tour of the Casa Ermelinda de Freitas winery
      followed by dinner.

      Palmela 2011 – The Marketplace
      Throughout the conference, vendors of photographic and panoramic
      hardware, software, and services will be displaying their products and
      answering questions. See it all here, in one place, with special show
      discounts, and talk to the manufacturers themselves.

      Palmela 2011 – The Exhibitions
      The panoramas won't just be in the conference, they will be
      everywhere in Palmela. There will be special exhibitions in every
      display space in town, plus many of the restaurants, bars and other
      businesses. The Festival exhibitions will continue through the summer,
      promoting panoramic photography and photographers long after the
      conference is over.

      If you want to hang out with the world's leading panoramic
      photographers — Palmela is the place and June 1–5 is the time.

      To be sure you are right in the heart of the action, you should sign up
      soon because space in the Hotel is limited. You will need to book
      through the conference website, because we have reserved the entire

      All parts of the festival are being planned and staffed by volunteers.
      The fees will start at 125 Euros for the tutorials and 275 Euros for the
      full conference (with early-bird and members' discounts).
      Considering the program, meals, and other events this is really an
      amazing value.

      For full and continuously updated information please consult the
      conference website: www.palmela2011.com <http://www.palmela2011.com/>

      On Behalf of the IVRPA Board of Directors

      Carlos Chegado
      IVRPA Director

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