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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: tablet choices for CP picking

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  • mrjimbo
    Hey Carl, Tis certainly the hot set up.. jimbo ... From: Carl von Einem To: PanoTools NG List Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 8:15 AM Subject: [PanoToolsNG]
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 30, 2010
      Hey Carl,
      Tis certainly the hot set up..

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      From: Carl von Einem
      To: PanoTools NG List
      Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 8:15 AM
      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Re: tablet choices for CP picking

      Posted by: "mrjimbo"
      > In the case mentioned you would have to mirror them I would think...
      > In a way to me that would be the same as using a tablet.. If I was
      > watching one monitor for color then poking on another.....well.....

      Like a tablet, only far better. Several Photoshop tools work so much
      better when I use the Wacom pen (compared to the mouse, not the
      tissues), so for retouching I often open a second window (in menu Window
      -> Arrange -> New window for...) on my other LCD which serves either as
      a lupe or an overview for what I'm doing on the Wacom.

      > Wouldn't it make more sense to have one or two monitors and a
      > regular tablet.. With two monitors you can extend the desk top and
      > the tablet will run both.. Also with the right color management
      > software both monitors can be dialed in and then matched so your
      > not falling off the edge of the earth when you drag something from
      > one to the other. The Cintiq's can be profiled but the result
      > won't be like an Eizo or??

      Right. Here is my personal setup: one EIZO CG21 plus the Cintiq 21UX
      (1st edition) as an extended desktop. This combination is sort of
      interesting since AFAIK both use the same panel. Calibrating EIZO CG
      displays is a no brainer and really accurate while trying to calibrate
      the Cintiq is a bit tedious and gives ok results but won't match the
      EIZO (using the same i1pro).

      Manual control point selection using the Cintiq 21UX with the pen is
      mostly great and in some cases a bit akward: sometimes I manage to hide
      the little "lupe" right below my hand which is holding the pen, sort of
      counterproductive. I have to stress that usually it works fine for me. I
      sort of let my hand decide what it picks: the mouse, the Wacom pen or
      sometimes even a pack of paper handkerchiefs (only the latter strangely
      enough doesn't appear on the screen).

      I first saw the principle at a SYSTEMS fair in Munich in the 1990ies
      when Wacom presented their first 12" version that still needed a
      PCI-Card to connect to the computer. I instantly tried a free-form
      select and I knew I wanted to have one. Prior to ordering the Cintiq
      years later I had the chance to test the tablet with hugin in a nice
      little shop (www.docmac.info). It's a lot of money but I didn't regret
      it yet :-)


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      > From: matt_nolan_uaf
      > No problem. One application I was thinking of was for color
      > control -- to edit in photoshop using the touchscreen but also
      > see the effects on a large calibrated monitor. Do you have it
      > set up so the same image is seen on both screens, or do you
      > have to pass the image back and forth between them like two
      > separate monitors?

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