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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: 4GB tiff WHY??? :-(

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  • Roger Howard
    ... To my knowledge, there are no third-party licensees of PSB (or even a current version of PSD) - they reigned in the documentation of PSD years ago and
    Message 1 of 13 , Dec 16, 2010
      On Dec 16, 2010, at 11:24 AM, Wim Koornneef wrote:

      > Roger Howard wrote:
      > > ......it's a matter of product managers supporting its inclusion as a
      > > useful innovation. A subtext of this is that Adobe has its own file
      > > format that supports massive files now - PSB - so unless you can make a
      > > strong case for why interoperability should matter, Adobe already has
      > > their solution.....
      > Just a thought, it could be a matter of power play and/or arrogance of
      > Adobe's top managers.
      > They have proven themself and the rest world that they are capable to
      > dictate a format, they did it with PDF, they do it with Flash (despite Steve
      > Jobs's resistance Flash is still very successful) so why not do it with .PSB
      > ?
      > See it from their position, all that is needed to tackle the 4 GB issue is a
      > wide support of PSB (and cashing licenses) by the rest of the industry,
      > problem solved, case closed...

      To my knowledge, there are no third-party licensees of PSB (or even a current version of PSD) - they reigned in the documentation of PSD years ago and there's been little effort to get third-parties to support them since. In conversations with product managers at Adobe in the past, the main issue is much the same as the issue with XLS or DOC files - the formats are primarily an expression of the internal data structures of the apps that create them, so they are crusty and very app-specific - they are designed more for easy serialization of native data structures into files, with good performance, than they are for interop/interchange with other tools.

      To Adobe's credit, they have also supported interop-oriented formats and standards over the years - including currently. PDF is an ISO standard. TIFF6 is a defacto standard, and there are *many* other formats and profiles (some standards on their own) that are based on it - tons of file formats are closely based on, or inspired by, TIFF. DNG is an interop standard for raw image data from cameras that Adobe has developed and supported quite well. XMP is an interop standard for metadata, also well supported (XMP SDK, among others).

      Looking at it in this light - and I've heard this explicitly - Adobe draws a clear line between internal-only formats (PSD/PSB, FLA) which they don't support third parties using, and interop formats (PDF, TIFF, and even SWF) which they do.

      So it's no surprise that Adobe built a format for large files for Photoshop that supports all the internal data structures of Photoshop; now they need to offer an interoperable format for moving large image data to other apps. I think it'll happen, but people need to express the need for it clearly. I've been told the following URL is the best place to submit feature requests:


      Go there and ask for BigTIFF support in Photoshop!


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