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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Going to Kuwait? Be prepared

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  • Trausti Hraunfjord
    Carpet bombing never brings justice... and to put all journalists into a group labeled incompetent copycats , might seem unjustified, but the reality people
    Message 1 of 46 , Dec 1, 2010
      Carpet bombing never brings justice... and to put all journalists into a
      group labeled "incompetent copycats", might seem unjustified, but the
      reality people live in, is that "every" story is simply a copy of a copy
      from the same controlled source, and that source is normally anything but
      investigative and critical.

      WMD's... just to name an old case everyone are aware of ... no
      investigative journalism surfaced in large media... and that is shameful.
      Real journalism is dead, and now it is getting the last nails hammered into
      the coffin. Several military attacks on photo journalists in the current
      wars have been frequent... the journalists have been labeled as
      "terrorists", and that has been all the justification that was needed.
      Camera ban in Kuwait... news ban in the rest of the world.... no, this
      doesn't sit well with me, nor should it sit well with anyone else. I have,
      as so many of you have probably too... been stopped by police while shooting
      panos, suspected of being a terrorist, and ordered to move away with my
      equipment, or I WOULD get arrested. This is the reality of the world we
      live in, and even if some people might think that bringing in the current
      situation surrounding wikileaks might be off topic (it might seem that way)
      then it is very much on topic... it is the right to report that is under
      attack, be that reporting with words, images or moving images.

      The more people are aware of the situation, the better it is for everyone.
      This does already affect us who use cameras... and things are only to get
      worse. That is why it is important to fight the fight on the side of those
      who are fighting for our rights, and the rights of all just people.

      Spreading this information is important, and on topic... and I mean no
      disrespect to anyone by saying so. Maybe it's the way people choose to look
      at the situation, that defines if they can or can't see the connection to
      our field.


      On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 6:42 PM, Keith Martin <keith@...> wrote:

      > I'd agree that this is pretty definitely off topic. Not to mention
      > being just a tiny bit insulting. Some reporters are shockingly lazy,
      > ignorant and biased, but please don't believe that describes all
      > journalists. That's like declaring all photographers to be papparazzi.
      > k - technical editor (i.e. a form of journalist)

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    • Erik Krause
      Please *read completely* before you reply! This is serious. ... Yes, it s a real shame! And I feel especially ashamed as a moderator of that list because I
      Message 46 of 46 , Dec 4, 2010
        Please *read completely* before you reply! This is serious.

        Am 04.12.2010 07:15, schrieb AYRTON:
        > do you all know, that our Keith has left the List ????
        > This is BAD !!!
        > Why waste time discussing things that are not directly related to
        > panography
        > and ... insulting others just because some people think they're funny, very
        > f... funny
        > This really makes me very mad !
        > SHAME ! ! !

        Yes, it's a real shame! And I feel especially ashamed as a moderator of
        that list because I missed that discussion and got notified only via the
        moderators list where some people complained (which is the right way to
        deal with such incidents). Although it is in the footer of each message
        here again the address of the moderators list:


        Please bookmark it and use it if someone offends you. Please don't try
        for yourself to argue with the offender.

        As a result of this incident we (the moderators) currently discuss to
        put offending members more easily on moderation for a limited period.
        This means, that each message they post needs to be approved by a
        moderator - not as a punishment but as a means to protect the list.

        We don't like this instrument very much, not only because it increases
        the workload but because it might cause fear to post something wrong.

        Therefore we would like to call on anyone to think twice before he or
        she posts something that might be offending to others. Especially
        discrediting whole groups generally, be it profession, belief or
        anything else, should not be posted here - even if you think this should
        be common sense.

        Pleas observe the user guidelines as outlined on

        The general netiquette rules also apply:

        I urge anyone to read those resources carefully!

        Please note that any discussion about user guidelines, moderator duties,
        list policy etc. is *off topic* here and will not be allowed.
        Panotools-List@yahoogroups.com was created especially for those
        discussions. Feel free to join on

        Erik Krause
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