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Re: Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic

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  • Hans
    ... Beautiful panoramas. I am almost getting homeseek. Reminds me of my native home place in Sweden. Regarding size I have given up the max 2 mb long time ago.
    Message 1 of 39 , Nov 3, 2010
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "erik_leeman" <erik.leeman@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > For those with a taste for green stuff and rocks and a healthy dislike of concrete and bricks, AND(!) with BIG screens and FAST internet connections, I've got some ridiculously large panoramas to show you:
      > <http://tinyurl.com/Direct-to-Fullscreen-CeskyRaj>
      > Only Flash10, file size is about 13MB each.
      > When you click on a thumbnail a VR-panorama will load and open in full screen.
      > Why so large? Cube face size is 2880x2880 and they're highly detailed.
      > I shot them in June of this year in the Czech Republic, and really like them myself. I hope some of you will like them as well.
      > Please note: I will only keep these very large versions on my website for a week of so >because I need the space for other things.

      Beautiful panoramas. I am almost getting homeseek. Reminds me of my native home place in Sweden.

      Regarding size I have given up the max 2 mb long time ago. With the speed we have today 10 mb is not at all very large.

      Buit 10 mb is very different depending on several things.

      Within Europe it should not be a problem. I assume your server is in Europe or may be not?
      I have a 15 Megabit connection and your panos take 27-35 sec to load.

      I uploaded a large panorama for testing a week ago.
      This one is 12 mb 4000x4000 cubefaces with FPP.

      It takes just 8 sec to load fully for me . The server is the best in UK.

      I have the same using a QTVR movie as source.
      That one takes 16 sec to load but you see the first tiles in 1 sec as I use 3x3 tiling.

      If you look at the smallest panoramas at 360cities you have to load 12 mb also and it takes often 50 sec to load it all.
      The initial view to fill the browser is 7-8 mb and even if you pan slow you see previews even after some time.
      A high resolution pano often downloads 20-30 mb.

      Main reason is that KRPano loads all the smaller cubefaces also even if you just use step 3. This ads extra download and in addition the Google Maps are 1 mb.
      As the server is in US it takes double as long time to load. I never have more than 6 megabit from US. Usually it is around 4-5-

    • erik_leeman
      LOL! Thank you Dominique! Erik Leeman ( )
      Message 39 of 39 , Nov 5, 2010
        Thank you Dominique!

        Erik Leeman

        (<http://www.erikleeman.com> <http://www.flickr.com/photos/erik-nl/>)

        --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Dominique SALINO" wrote:
        > Hi Erik
        > Despite lots of mail concerning yours panos, I must tell you yours
        > panos are the pure perfection as seen from south pacific ; no white
        > sand, no coconuts trees, no blue seas but green landscapes...
        > Pure exoctic landscape from my point of view.
        > I do not know which grahic card in my computer... yous pictures are
        > perfectly displayed on my screen and they are so peacefull.
        > Thank you Erik
        > Dominique Salino
        > Nouméa,
        > New Caledonia
        > The closest island to paradise
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