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Re: Tiger Tour

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  • onezebra1
    Hi Pat, It already has an autorotation toggle button. I will be removing myself from the bottom of the pool. I was working on the tour around the same time you
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 25 9:53 PM
      Hi Pat,

      It already has an autorotation toggle button.
      I will be removing myself from the bottom of the pool.
      I was working on the tour around the same time you where viewing it so there where some things changing.
      Where a tiger or any other animal goes after your equipment you better be able to move it fast! That's why I use a pole.
      I made some more changes tonight. The logo is up on the splash page and the video plays over it, the menu buttons expand to about twice there size on mouse over and a few other small things.

      Roger Berry

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Pat Swovelin <panoramas@...> wrote:
      > On 9-23-2010 6:35 PM, onezebra1's hamster got loose on the keyboard
      > and typed ...:
      > > Hi Pat
      > Howdy.
      > > I had the arrowheads at both sides of the menu, but they got removed
      > > when I was making some changes. I will put them back.
      > It's much better now.
      > Are you going to add a autorotation toggle button?
      > > I may take myself out of #4, but if I do what will you have to look at
      > > down there.
      > The bottom of the pool or you could leave your flippers there like Roger
      > Zaveduk does with his sandals http://tinyurl.com/26tbk6n Of course he's
      > already swooped you on that idea so you're stuck with the bottom of the
      > pool like the other pool shots.
      > > I didn't notice that nadir in #21, my screen is set darker at home and
      > > here at work I had to tilt the screen to see the problem.
      > >
      > > I will check pano #12 and see if I can find any problems.
      > Let me know if you tweak it so I can test it here.
      > > The audio singing I got from a video on the tiger website and I don't
      > > have the full length. Right now they are at the King Richards Faire
      > > and don't have time to help me with logos or anything.
      > Something *very* strange is going on. I wanted to check the loading and
      > the splash screen video was in a 3:2 rectangle and I was going to say
      > that it works better than the tiger silhouette. Then I tested the #12
      > loading logo and it worked initially like yesterday then it wasn't there
      > when I came back to it from either higher or lower numbered panos. Then
      > I reloaded the page to test it again and the splash screen video was
      > back in the tiger silhouette. ??
      > > How would you keep centered over the nadir point with just holding a
      > > pole upside down and a camera mounted to it, and remember you have to
      > > take the shots fast as you move around the setup?
      > I'm not sure, I've never tried to do that but if speed was of the
      > essence like your shots I'd use a short pole/monopod and add an adapter
      > that wraps around the lens with a point on it that's above the center of
      > the head. Then I could poke the point into the ground and rotate around
      > that moving as quickly as possible to get the shots yet not make the
      > tigers think I look like lunch on the run. Was the bracket you used
      > stuck into the ground in effect like mounting the head on a spike?
      > > The Orangutans liked my beard and wetsuit when I was in the pool.
      > What a *unique* experience.
      > > Thanks,
      > Of course.
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