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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: IE7 and fullscreen

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  • Pat Swovelin
    ... No, not him, I meant the one in the nadir. He looks suspicious to me. =8^) ... Thanks. ... Pat Swovelin Cool Guy @ Large
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 30, 2006
      panokaemena@... wrote:
      > Thanks for testing
      > the " agent" is a work mate not a syrian government agent....

      No, not him, I meant the one in the nadir. He looks suspicious to me.

      > the site construction started 3000 years ago, The best time they
      > had about 2000 years ago.
      > The place is Palmyra or in local language Tadmor you will find
      > plenty about it in google.


      > Willy
      > On Nov 30, 2006, at 4:50, Pat Swovelin wrote:
      >> panokaemena@... wrote:
      >>> In this regard. Since a few days I am using a code which should work
      >>> fine with IE7. I cannot test as I use a Mac.
      >>> Any WIN IE7 test would be appreciated
      >> I tested it with IE7 (Win XP Pro SP2) and the 1st time I looked at one
      >> of the panos it gave me the pain-in-the-butt EOLAS click here, click
      >> there, click until you're blue in the face (just another reason to use
      >> FF). When I went to another pano (in a new tab) it went right in
      >> without any problems. Thinking it might be a fluke based on the
      >> already
      >> open tab I closed and restarted IE. This time it went right in without
      >> any problems. So it looks like your IE visitors will have to put up
      >> with the EOLAS BS as a one-time only pain.
      >> Maybe...
      >> I did notice a rather strange problem ... you're being followed.
      >> There's some really weird guy who's been sneaking into the bottom of
      >> some of your panos. I'd be careful if I were you, it might be some
      >> Syrian government agent who's spying on your activities because you
      >> look
      >> like you're having too much fun (and they can't allow that). =8^)
      >> Be that as it may, fabulous panos, Willy. How old are these sites and
      >> were can I read more about them (in English)?
      >>> http://homepage.mac.com/wkaemena/FS/Syria/PalmyraCitadel2/
      >>> http://homepage.mac.com/wkaemena/FS/Syria/PalmyraCitadel1
      >>> http://homepage.mac.com/wkaemena/FS/Syria/PalmyraAmphitheater2
      >>> http://homepage.mac.com/wkaemena/FS/Syria/PalmyraTetraPylon
      >>> Willy
      >>> On Nov 29, 2006, at 0:47, Guillaume Fulchiron wrote:
      >>>> "Sacha Griffin" <sachagriffin@...> wrote:
      >>>>> Nothing wrong with your pop-up code. Its your repairembed script..
      >>>>> Find something better for eolas.
      >>>> Thank you Sacha,
      >>>> I've to look for another eolas solution, but it seems hard to
      >> find THE
      >>>> simple solution... Many sites out there don't even use any.
      >>>> G.

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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