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Re: [PanoToolsNG] View VR on an Android?

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  • Ian Wood
    Thanks, that makes things clearer. Ian
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 26, 2010
      Thanks, that makes things clearer.


      On 25 Jun 2010, at 18:09, Roger Howard wrote:

      > Flash 10.1 is available now, on the Android store, for free - but it
      > requires Android Froyo, which is not widely available yet (as far as I
      > understand it). Many people are running developer and beta seeds of Froyo,
      > and can get Flash Player 10.1 (it's one of the top downloads ever on Android
      > Store) but for the general public they'll have to wait for their handset
      > upgrade.
      > -R
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