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Time for Another World Wide Panorama!

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  • Don Bain
    Forgotten Places is the theme for the WWP s 27th quarterly event. You can shoot any time from today until Sunday, June 27th, then upload and build your page
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2010
      "Forgotten Places" is the theme for the WWP's 27th quarterly event. You can shoot any time from today until Sunday, June 27th, then upload and build your page until the end of the month.

      This intriguing theme was suggested by Bernhard Vogl of Vienna, Austria, who has been shooting for the WWP since the original event six years ago. Bernhard has written an essay to give us some ideas to get started - read it at http://tinyurl.com/9tebyx.

      What is the World Wide Panorama?
      It is an international collaborative project founded to promote the technology of VR panoramas and foster the community of those who create them. It is free and non-commercial, sponsored by The World Wide Panorama Foundation.

      Who Is It For?
      It appeals to anyone who enjoys creating VR panoramas, whether their interest be artistic or technical, if they are new to the field or experienced, a hobbyist or professional photographer. The WWP website (http://WorldWidePanorama.org) currently showcases 5862 panoramas by over one thousand photographers from around the world. To keep in touch with the WWP community join our group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wwp/.

      Why Should I Participate?
      For the experience of working with others of similar interests in creating each new edition of the website. For the challenge of exemplifying the theme in your own special way. To test and challenge yourself in finding your subject and capturing it as best you can. To feature your particular place in the world on this unique website.

      What Should I Do?
      Find your subject and shoot it using VR panoramic techniques (fully spherical views are preferred but cylinders are okay). Prepare the panorama as an equirectangular image (twice as wide as high) in jpeg format, with dimensions between 6000x3000 and 8000x4000 pixels. Make sure it is no larger than 7 mbytes in size.

      Go to the WWP Prep Server at http://contribute.worldwidepanorama.org/gen/ and set up an account - approval may take a few hours due to time differences. Follow the instructions to set up a personal page, then join this event. Upload your image and fill in all the required fields. You can preview it and make changes. Eventually your page will be reviewed by Pat or another of the team and approved. The new site incorporating Forgotten Places will appear on or soon after July 1.

      So venture forth and find your own forgotten place!

      The WWP Team
      Don Bain
      Landis Bennett
      Markus Altendorff
      Bostjan Burger
      Keith Martin
      Pat Swovelin


      The World-Wide Panorama

      For more information:
      -Visit the web site at http://worldwidepanorama.org

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