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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: New York skyline panoramas -- historic comparisons

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  • Pat Swovelin
    On 5-26-2010 3:46 AM, jeffreycb2000 s hamster got loose on the keyboard ... Yes, please. ... Pat Swovelin Cool Guy @ Large [Non-text portions of this message
    Message 1 of 10 , May 28, 2010
      On 5-26-2010 3:46 AM, jeffreycb2000's hamster got loose on the keyboard
      and typed ...:
      > I'd say they were taken from the pylon as well - as a rule of thumb if
      > the tops of near and far objects are level with the horizon then they
      > are level with your eye (roughly) then you are about the same height
      > as that object.
      > It's a rule of thumb we use for architectural perspectives in setting
      > up urban street views, etc.
      > Its a great example of the importance of historical panoramas to
      > record the changes over time.
      > Regards
      > Jeffrey Briant.
      > Ps there is a delightful study "Biographical Note" booklet of a
      > photographer in Australia and New Zealand called Melvin Vaniman
      > 1866-1912. The book is by Alan Tierney in Sydney for around $20 Aust.
      > Melvin was an adventurer who specialised in taking balloon and pole
      > panoramas around 1900- 1910. The balloons were generally tethered
      > while the pole shots were taken a top a 60 foot mobile pole
      > contraption! Of course he climbed to the top to take the photos. The
      > images in the booklet are only photocopies, but are amazing
      > considering when and how they were taken. He took the famous panorama
      > images of sydney, newcastle, katoomba, bathurst, etc, etc.
      > Let me know if your interested and I can dig out Alan's contact details.

      Yes, please.

      > JB
      >> Most likely, the first pano was shot from the bridge tower on the
      >> Brooklyn
      >> side.
      >> The bridge opened on May 24, 1883. And when the 1876 pano was shot, there
      >> were pigs roaming the streets of Manhattan. ;-)
      >>>> Those panos are quite cool though. I wonder if the first was shot
      >>>> from a
      >>> balloon?
      >>> Yes that had me puzzled too. If it was from a balloon the
      >>> photographer did
      >>> well to join the pictures. What strikes me about the first one too
      >>> is how
      >>> enormous a construction the bridge pylon was compared to the existing
      >>> buildings then.
      >>> Peter M

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large

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