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The June 2010 WWP event ...

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  • Pat Swovelin
    ... theme is Forgotten Places. The open shooting period begins at 00:01 on Saturday June 19th and ends at 24:00 on Sunday June 27th. Those times are
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      ... theme is "Forgotten Places." The open shooting period begins at
      00:01 on Saturday June 19th and ends at 24:00 on Sunday June 27th.
      Those times are relative to the time zone the panorama is shot in. This
      gives you 9 full days to shoot a forgotten place (insert lame memory
      joke here).

      This event's essay was written by Berhnard Vogl. Thank you, Bernhard.

      Forgotten places exist everywhere, as a place in urban exploration, a
      historic place or simply deep in your heart.

      To forget is an essential capability of our brain. Nearly everything we
      learn and live to see is forgotten after awhile. Without being able to
      forget, we all would drown in a flood of information -- not being able
      to discern between dispensable and indispensable. Even mankind's
      collective memory is prone to forget many things...

      All of those memories are connected to a certain place. You are invited
      to rediscover such a place, shoot a panorama and tell us the story
      behind it!

      Can't find a forgotten place? Maybe it is right under your nose!
      -- Find reminders of history, e.g., WWI and WWII. Sometimes they are
      huge like the flak towers that were built during the WWII Nazi regime --
      but now are barely noticed by the local residents.
      -- In the "Ruhrgebiet" in Germany -- or in Detroit in the U.S., large
      industrial zones changed their face or perished.
      -- Have you ever been curious about what happened to old tourist routes
      after the tourists vanished or a highway was built nearby? Go visit
      such a village and depict the changes!
      -- Visit a subterranean place. Let the panorama tell about the Earth
      millions of years ago -- or just your local subway station that hasn't
      been renovated in years.
      -- Go to the place where you grew up/went to school/worked your first job!
      -- Or just take the inward turn: Did you have a dream when you were
      young? Did that dream come true? Unearth a forgotten place of your
      childhood and tell us about it!

      Pat Swovelin
      World Wide Panorama Event Coordinator

      Get out there and shoot some panoramas!

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