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Re: Virtual Tour Software

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  • aacaetano
    Stuert and Roger, I am now at the same stage you were some months ago: trying to choose the best software to build Virtual Tours and to publish them. So, after
    Message 1 of 17 , Jan 25, 2010
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      Stuert and Roger,

      I am now at the same stage you were some months ago: trying to choose the best software to build Virtual Tours and to publish them. So, after all these months, what is your opinion about Pano2VR? Are you still satisfied with the results? And witch viewer are you using?

      Maybe you, or someone else, can give me some additional information:
      Is it possible to have the Virtual Tour hosted in your server and give a piece of code to the customer so that he can embed the tour in his website (avoiding popup windows) as he does with youtube videos?
      Is it possible to integrate videos in the virtual tour? In witch way? In a separate frame or glued to a specified place of the panorama?
      I've been trying Tourweaver 5.0 Pro, and I like the GUI, because of my zero knowledge of programming language but I have some doubts about the easy way to integrate it with the customer's website. It seams to me that I have to give him all the files.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Roger D. Williams" <roger@...> wrote:
      > Wow, Stuart, that's a very impressive achievement, just the sort of thing
      > I want to do, and a great encouragement. All done since October?
      > Wow squared.
      > I was already beginning to feel that Pano2VR was the way to go and
      > yesterday I read (and re-read) all the tutorials on hotspots. Lot
      > of material to master there, but I can see the way ahead.
      > Thanks for the pointer!
      > Roger W.
      > On Tue, 17 Mar 2009 15:57:24 +0900, Stuart Thorp
      > <stuart_thorp@...> wrote:
      > > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Roger D. Williams" <roger@>
      > > wrote:
      > >>
      > >> A friend and I are thinking of preparing a virtual tour based on a
      > >> series of my recent panoramas at a major temple/shrine complex on a
      > >> mountain near Tokyo. (Mt. Takao for those of you who know Japan.)
      > >>
      > >> He is familiar with XML whereas I am more of a drag-n-drop type. Would
      > >> people please share their recommendations of a simple, fast and reasona-
      > >> bly flexible tool to handle this? Again, he is UNIX oriented and I am a
      > >> Windows PC type although my experience goes back to pre-windows DOS.
      > >>
      > >> We would like to be able to offer a map or ground plan of the site so
      > >> that people could go to specific locations directly rather than have
      > >> to follow a series of hot spots.
      > >>
      > >> It doesn't have to be open source, although it would be good if there
      > >> were a free trial version so we could see how we got on with it before
      > >> buying. We intend to use SWF files, and already use Pano2VR to produce
      > >> these.
      > >>
      > >> Roger W.
      > >>
      > >> --
      > >> Work: www.adex-japan.com
      > >>
      > > Roger
      > >
      > > I bought a few VT software apps, including FPP & Tourweaver, before
      > > realising Pano2VR had a skin editor! I too knew nothing about script, so
      > > was daunted by FPP, and gave Pano2VR a try as am a 'drag & drop' type.
      > > This is my sort of results since October - and if I can do it, anyone
      > > can!!:
      > > http://www.360imagery.co.uk/VT/winery/start.html
      > > no complaints from Clients so far......
      > > There's enough help in the online tutorials, and the community on the
      > > Forum are sooooo helpful (and where I learnt most of my stuff) and most
      > > on here too!
      > > Give it a few hours to trial, and you'll soon have a bespoke controller!
      > > Stu
      > > Stu
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ------------------------------------
      > >
      > --
      > Work: www.adex-japan.com
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