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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: China did it again... stealing and ripping

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  • Andrei Zdetovetchi
    Hi Hans, I have already captured screenshots. Your idea of charging them with my doubled fees, sounds nice but honestly I don t know if it s a realistic one. I
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 21, 2010
      Hi Hans,

      I have already captured screenshots. Your idea of charging them with my doubled fees, sounds nice but honestly I don't know if it's a realistic one. I will relate this to my lawyers. But looking on their Case pages, there are no direct links, only some screenshots. And I am in doubt that those are real clients.
      On the www.misnono.com website, on the footer is written that is designed and maintained by www.gegoge.com! So this looks suspicious to me...

      Considering that not long ago, in the last year, a few of my panoramas were taken from flickr, and not only mine, but a lot of other members on this list, and placed on a Bulgarian website www.pan0.net and after a little storm in a glass of water, nothing has changed... my panos are still on that website, after a lot of discussions on flickr and emails sent from IVRPA and other members to the thief... I am thinking that the community is powerless in cases like this. I see no results. Everything settles after a while, and the thiefs are carrying on... nothing happens. This is depressing.

      Best regards,
      Andrei Zdetovetchi

      CSVD - http://www.csvd.ro/

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      --- In PanoToolsNG@ yahoogroups. com, Andrei Zdetovetchi <zdeto@...> wrote:
      > This time is my turn... :(
      > Isn't it nice when your work is copied/stolen? I thought so...
      > So, some of you might know my website, www.csvd.ro. Now I find a replica of it's design on http://pano. realtouch. cn/
      > This kinda worries me, but not excessively much. What pisses me off, is the fact they've stolen over 12 panoramas from my website (maybe more but for now that is what I counted), replaced the nadir bottom cap and the player interface and show them on their ripped off version of my website. Most of my panoramas stolen are from my Vega Hotel series: http://www.csvd. ro/panos- hotel-vega. php
      > They also have an car interior panorama, that is stolen from http://www.sphereworks.co.uk/
      > Other people from this list might find their work there...
      > The funny part is that they actually left the metatags in the html page code! How stupid is that? In the page source you can see my original description and keywords in romanian! And ever more stupid, is that they left the tracking code also... So finding them was a piece of cake! :))
      > I have notified my lawyer about this, I'm curious what could be done...

      First take some screenshots.

      Then send them a large bill.
      Tell them in nice way that if they do not pay you will notify all the clients they have. You can find 4 of them on their "Case" page.

      One of them is this one.
      http://www.misnono. com/

      Looks like a pretty large clients wort quite a lot.

      Prices for copyinfrigements are usually double up.
      So if your normal price per image is 300 euro you just bill them 600.


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