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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Day #1 with Samyang 8mm and 5DMkII

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  • L.D.I. Felipe B. González
    Could you post some comparison example pictures? Please. Best Regards from the subtropical regions of México 2009/12/30 jrgen_schrader
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 30, 2009
      Could you post some comparison example pictures?


      Best Regards from the subtropical regions of M�xico

      2009/12/30 jrgen_schrader <panorama@...>

      > After reading the review of Michel Thoby and more after examining his
      > examples I had to order one of these to see it with my own eyes. It arrived
      > yesterday and so far I can confirm all of Michel's findings.
      > Compared to the Nikon 10.5 the image quality of the Samyang is absolutely
      > equal in the center and superior at the edges which is important for zenith
      > and nadir areas and which is what finally made me jump onto it.
      > With the settings for the LPP for 90 degrees I got a perfect stitch in
      > PTGui with 4 and also just 3 around at a maximum size of app. 9,200 px;
      > leaving an inelegant but for now neglectable coin-sized gap at zenith and
      > nadir. I will see if I can get around this after a proper calibration of the
      > lens. Maybe I also have to chamfer the rim of the sunshade which I didn't
      > remove completely like Michel but trimmed it just to the edge of the barrel
      > to leave something to stick the lenshood on.
      > As the LPP for 90� is right at the edge of the glass the lens should be
      > used with a ringmount or a panoramic rig with very narrow vertical arm. Mine
      > is 5 cm and visible at the left edge of the frame but afaik with no negative
      > effect on the final output.
      > As Michel also found out the only drawback might be, that this baby is
      > prone to flare. With a single lightsource one might get away with this, but
      > I'd like to see how that turns out in a well lit show room :)
      > Stay tuned.
      > J�rgen

      L.D.I. Felipe B. Gonz�lez C.

      Socio Director Maquetas Virtuales www.maquetasvirtuales.com
      Socio Director Recorridos Virtuales www.recorridosvirtuales.com

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