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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Link to Pano-Pro 360-degree video

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  • Roger D. Williams
    ... I don t think it is realistic to expect fullscreen from this mirror- based approach simply because the limiting factor is the pixel resolution along the
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 25, 2009
      On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 11:15:51 +0900, panovrx <panovrx@...> wrote:

      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Roger D. Williams" <roger@...>
      > wrote:
      >> I subscribe to the Pano-Pro newsletter, which today gave this link:
      >> http://www.pano-pro.com/khxc/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=display&ref=video
      >> Follow this to see 30fps video that can be scanned all round the
      >> full 360 degrees.
      > They say
      > "Pictured above is our groundbreaking flash video player. Please be
      > patient and wait for the video to buffer. Its the only viewer to be able
      > to play up 30FPS smoothly on an average computer"
      > Well it is not too bad for a Flash panoramic video player I suppose ---
      > but there are a zillion other ways to playback video mapped to a cube
      > with an interactive camera. Panoramic video players have been around for
      > 15 years or so. Behere, Smoothmove (Imove), WarpTV etc etc etc.
      > Smoothmove was excellent at fullscreen more than 10 years ago and this
      > Panopro player doesnt even have a fullscreen option.

      I don't think it is realistic to expect fullscreen from this mirror-
      based approach simply because the limiting factor is the pixel resolution
      along the 360-degree rotation path. The doughnut shaped image is limited
      to a single frame of the video, and that's a pretty fierce limitation
      when you remember that the image has to be unwrapped and stretched to
      the full "width."

      But for a "window" in a VR tour, I think it could be useful. The ability
      to pan around a moving picture is quite fascinating--if people viewing
      it can be encouraged to discover this function (which I doubt).

      I am not familiar with the other video players you mention. Do they
      provide a 360-degree field of view that you can pan around as the
      video plays? That seems to be the whole (or main) point of this work.

      > The main issue with the Panoplayer sample is it has lousy streaming on
      > my machine -- but that might be a server issue I suppose.

      Hmmm. I had the opposite impression. Very, very smooth and fast.

      > What we want I think is a pano video player that will stream Youtube (or
      > Vimeo) flash files. Youtube btw has multiple stereo playback options now
      > -- side by side, anaglyph etc -- we need to encourage them to write a
      > panoramic version (then a panoramic stereo version). The Panoplayer
      > content shows the burnt out skies typical of low end video panorama
      > solutions. Good dynamic range is the key for good panoramic video and
      > there is no compact solution yet imo.

      Yes, the mirror-based approach (now that they apparently have a very good
      mirror) could profit from being used with a really good camera that
      combines the latest dynamic range coverage with high resolution images.
      But I note that even the D300S doesn't take videos at its highest
      native resolution. Video cameras with HD resolution are quite inexpensive
      here in Japan, but HD stretched around a 360-degree wide image is not
      really good enough for anything but a VERY small window. And of course
      the doughnut image is circular, so it only takes advantage of the "narrow"
      side of the rectangular HD image. Lots of wasted pixels, as we have
      with circular fisheye images.

      The alternative is to use multiple cameras, but then you have the
      problems of synch and "stitching" the various images. Cost, too, of
      course, which tends to drive things back towards cruder, cheaper cameras.

      > Still it is OK as a Flash panoramic video player compared to the
      > competition I think but $300??? (Still I think their mirror is good
      > from their samples)

      Yes, the mirror is impressive. And they say it can be easily and well
      maintained in top condition. I have corresponded with the guy in
      charge asking questions about their mirror-based approach, as I can
      think of possible saleable applications where stitching is uneconomic
      and acceptable quality much lower.

      > Here btw is a Pano2VR video from my twin camera 5d timelapse rig
      > http://www.mediavr.com/ultimotimelapse.htm

      Well done!

      This could benefit from a frame-rate control. The quality is fine
      but I find the speed multiplication caused by the present frame rate
      quite unsettling. The movement of the clouds across the sky is
      really nice to watch, and near real-time frame rates would enable
      a less frenetic viewing experience.

      > the main issue I have with this Pano2VR (beta) player is you seem to
      > have to wait 15sec after it all loads to playback smoothly (til all the
      > content caches I guess)

      That makes sense. Does "beta" mean this is a product heading for
      general release?

      Roger W.

      Business: www.adex-japan.com
      Pleasure: www.usefilm.com/member/roger
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