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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Virtual museums (idealism and the reality)

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  • Carlos Chegado - www.carloschegado.com
    Hi Bostjan, I can understand how you feel bout it. In the case of museums, they are not that interested in having a virtual tour on-line during the time they
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 30, 2009
      Hi Bostjan,

      I can understand how you feel bout it.
      In the case of museums, they are not that interested in having a virtual
      tour on-line during the time they have an exhibition open to the public,
      I have received too many nags to have figured that myself. But usually
      they accept if you propose to make the museum virtual tour as a historic
      reference of the their work that only goes live when the exhibition
      closes, then they can showcase what they have been working on in the past.
      Usually museum managers feel that if the public sees the virtual tour so
      realistic they won't bother come to the exhibition in person, don't know
      why they have this idea!

      Os melhores cumprimentos,
      Best regards,


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      Bostjan Burger escreveu:
      > Object VRs of
      > road locomotives…
      > I remember that…it was the project for the Railroad Museum
      > in the year 2001 and the design is same as it was in that time – still
      > run with
      > the java applet and lo resolution…I need to find time and at least
      > update that locomotives
      > with hi res flash object VRs. The logistic
      > to do that was really a problem but finally I did what I wanted. Is
      > it really over 8 years since I did that?… the
      > time is passing by too fast...
      > The
      > upgrade of those locomotives was the documentation of the “Soutbahn”
      > railroad in
      > the year 2002 when I documented all the railroad infrastructure – bridges,
      > tunnels, e.t.c. – kind of Rail View.
      > It
      > sounds all so idealistic but the back-story is so different… a lot of
      > envy, mostly of the people in charge
      > and the “peak” was when I made a huge project with Virtual Museum of
      > Joze Plecnik (the architect,
      > mostly known in Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana in the first part of the 20th
      > century) – you can find more here:
      > http://www.burger.si/Plecnik/kronika_eng.html
      > <http://www.burger.si/Plecnik/kronika_eng.html>
      > . I spent three years working with that Virtual Museum
      > – I documented all locations legally and with the permissions, but
      > finally I
      > received a “not formal” prohibition to continue as that I had no
      > competence
      > (hm?). You can check the first link from
      > the chronology “Plecnik’s house” – it is displayed BW. That was made
      > in the year 2000. When I wanted to update the location I didn’t
      > get the permission anymore… well you see that is the dark side of the
      > enthusiasm.
      > :) Bostjan
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      > Subject: Re: [PanoToolsNG] Virtual museums (idealism and the reality)
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      > Date: Saturday, November 28, 2009, 11:02 PM
      > Hi Bostjan,
      > In reading the paper, I got intrigued when I saw that you had made
      > object movies of railroad locomotives. I just had to see that! I
      > couldn't imagine how. Wow! They had a roundhouse for you to use!
      > You may win the award for the largest high-quality VR object turntable
      > EVER! 8-)
      > You certainly undertook a monumental project that does seem, in
      > retrospect, a bit "nuts", but such is the dedication of the
      > enthusiast. Also, in retrospect, it is a shame that you and the
      > associated museums, didn't find some sort of grant from a cultural
      > agency, donors, etc. for this huge project. It sounds like it could
      > easily have been a full-time job.
      > Thanks for sharing,
      > John
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