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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Canal-View: a 553-pano traverse of the Grand Canal

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  • luca vascon
    ... Thanx to you all!!! still did not try with Lucid... Viewer tecnology is the limit, right now. I ve a triple-sli mainboard and I could try a triple nvidia
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 24, 2009
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      Thanx to you all!!!
      still did not try with Lucid...
      Viewer tecnology is the limit, right now.
      I've a triple-sli mainboard and I could try a triple nvidia 280 if I
      had some money for video cards.
      The other pc is a 3ghz quand core w/ ati 4870 with 1gb, xp 48bit, 8gb
      ram, 4xraid0... and is the reason I got all the panos stitched in one

      2009/11/25 Jim Watters <jwatters@...>:
      > It is excellent work and I enjoy it.
      > No supercomputer is needed to view a full interactive VR movie of at
      > least medium quality.  Either Lucid or krpano on a good system with a
      > good video card should be able to handle a 2000 pixel wide VR video.
      > Todays Gaming PC should do much better.
      > My Core2Duo@2.4Ghz with a mediocre ATI X1300 video card can display my
      > 2048X1024 video VR
      >  - full screen on a 1920X1080 display at 13 fps while panning.
      >  - to a window 600X800 at just under 30 fps while panning.
      > http://photocreations.ca/mff2008_wpt2006/index.html
      > An old laptop or new Net-book will not be able to handle it.
      > My problem is that I could not get my video editing software to render
      > out a size wider than 2048 and input images had to be smaller than 4096
      > wide.
      > I find that an interactive panorama video does not need to be more than
      > 15 frames per second.  With my example that I shot in 2006 I am using
      > preprocessing to slowly blend the images together and showing the result
      > at about 15 fps (if I remember right).  If this could have been done on
      > the client machine then a lot of bandwidth could have been saved.
      > What is required is space and bandwidth to store and transmit the high
      > quality movie.
      > The youtube video is only 320X640 and runs almost 4MB and looks heavily
      > compressed.
      >  320 *  640 =   .2 Mpix
      > 1024 * 2048 =  2.0 Mpix
      > 3300 * 6600 = 20.7 Mpix
      > 100 times more pixels to broadcast full resolution.  And higher quality
      > compression is definitely needed.
      > I would love to see Venice's Grand Canal as a full interactive panorama
      > video.  I would wait the time it would take to download to view it the
      > way it should be.
      > In the mean time there is this.
      > http://www.360cities.net/labs/city-tour/venice
      > Jim Watters
      > Thomas wrote:
      >> I just got a look at what Luca Vascon and his partner Chiara Masiero
      >> Sgrinzatto did last summer, and am still trying to pull up my socks.
      >> What they did was make 553 spherical panoramas on one trip through
      >> Venice's Grand Canal.  Not video, real panos stitched from 3 shots with
      >> 10.5 Nikkor lenses on 3 full-frame D700 cameras, beautiful exposure and
      >> color, and very decent resolution: 6600x3300 equirectangular.
      >> There is a detailed 6-page write up, in Italian,of what they did and how
      >> they did it on Nikon of Italy's web
      >> site(http://www.nital.it/experience/canal-view.php).  Despite my very
      >> weak Italian, I was able to find a lot of interesting information there.
      >> The pictures have been used in a commercially sponsored interactive
      >> exhibition (already closed, I fear) which apparently let you select a
      >> pano by moving a model boat on a map of the canal, then navigate around
      >> in it with your fingers.
      >> But though the pictures are not spaced as close as movie frames, they
      >> are close enough that you get a coherent sense of motion through the
      >> city when you view them as a video
      >> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHPPqCq1X2g).  So I'll bet it would be
      >> possible to create a continuous panoramic movie with a special viewer
      >> (running on a supercomputer?) or some kind of massive morpher/blender.
      >> Congratulations to Luca and Chiara for pushing the state of the art a
      >> good way forward!
      > --
      > Jim Watters
      > http://photocreations.ca
      > ------------------------------------
      > --

      Luca Vascon.

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