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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Enfuse 4.0 with OpenMP support

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  • luca vascon
    ... You got me! I m a real flame maker!!! ;-) ... HI, evrerybody!! I M JOKING!!! if you know me you are aware! In this moment I m enjoying OSx10.5 on my 12
    Message 1 of 18 , Nov 24, 2009
      2009/11/24 Roger Howard <rogerhoward@...>:
      You got me!
      I'm a real flame maker!!!

      HI, evrerybody!! I'M JOKING!!! if you know me you are aware!

      In this moment I'm enjoying OSx10.5 on my 12" lovely powerMAC G4
      titanium, that was built from scratches an pieces of other 3
      non-working one. It has an hacked rainbow glowing apple on the lid,
      and the reason of my love for it is that MOTU audio board the baby is
      sitting on.
      Then I have @work a windows xp64 that is really a PIA!
      plug-and-pray!!! But without it no use of the tons of gb of RAM I put
      Some XP32 that are helping out, but LINUX is going to be the system I love.
      The one of my home machine, the one of the netbook, the one I've in the usb key.
      No driver no installation, no mess needed!!!

      Trausti, I'm the one who hates line command. But In windows you have
      to register and run DLL with CLI, and the last mess I hot was
      resolved with Hyperterminal (CLI) as well as corrupted files that are
      not going to be erased from an OSX desktop, etc. etc. etc.
      Drag and drop through windows and ubuntu partitions!? I never had
      problems like that, but...
      NTFS partitions are really EASY to recover when they get lost. All my
      external HD are in NTFS (files can be more than 4gb, AND if the HD
      crashes I know what to do).
      You can trust me, put linux on your kids PC. No virus, no pain, no
      drivers nightmare... usually works out of the box.
      Easy and free!!

      Luca Vascon.

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