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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: display of Flash text on a Mac vs Windows PC

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  • Paulo Fernandes
    Hi, flash does have it s own default font (_sans and _serif) that it reverts to when it doesn t find the requested font in the user system. Flash also has font
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 1, 2009
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      Hi, flash does have it's own default font
      (_sans and _serif) that it reverts to when
      it doesn't find the requested font in the
      user system. Flash also has font embeding
      capabilities but as far as I know it can only
      be done in the flash IDE.

      But if you're adding the text in pano2vr and
      it has diferent typefaces on Win and Mac,
      it should be storing the text as html, if it wasn't
      the typeface would be the same on both systems.

      One possible solution is to build your
      interface elements in flash and then use
      pano2vr to include them in your tour.

      Com os melhores cumprimentos,

      Paulo Fernandes

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      No dia 2009/11/01, às 08:44, "erik_leeman" <erik.leeman@...>

      > Hi Carl,
      > I haven't yet looked into it in detail, and I must admit I never
      > gave it much thought before. Until now I didn't put much text in my
      > Flash panos, just a few words here and there, nothing critical.
      > However, Flash text obviously isn't 'carved in granite', and in some
      > cases it does deserve attention to prevent mishaps like this.
      > Embedding a specific font might be an option, but I don't know yet
      > if that can be done in Pano2VR (or any other Flash pano generator).
      > Oh, by the way, the screenshots were made from Stand-Alone Flash
      > player windows on a Mac and a WinXP PC, not from internet browsers,
      > so browser settings should not have any part in this matter, at
      > least not in this case.
      > Regards,
      > Erik Leeman
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Carl von Einem wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Erik,
      > >
      > > can you define the font (either a special font, or a series of fonts
      > > like it is defined in a css stylesheet, or generally as plain Ascii
      > > /serif / non serif)?
      > > To me it looks like the font is not defined and so the user's
      > > default font is used.
      > >
      > > Next question would be: is there a system wide default font or does
      > > flash in this case use the default font defined in the standard
      > > browser (easy to test: change the default font in the browser's
      > > prefs and test again).
      > > I don't think Flash has it's own font prefs... I might be terribly
      > > wrong, though =8-)
      > >
      > > Carl

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