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live panoramas with more than one views available

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  • dorindxn
    from my previous message --8
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2009
      from my previous message

      I introduced some new features in my live panoramas, I introduced views, which mean that in a certain direction can be now more than a sigle view, the views are switchable with the numeric keys on keyboard.
      I've also modified the software to allow me the freedom of shoot in whatever direction I want and as many shoots I want.
      For now the position is feeded to the software using a mouse wheel and confirmed back via voice.
      I'll post the link to the sample with views here after the upload is done. (in 1-2 hours at the most - about 28 panos or so )

      the link is
      works only in DevalVR, also please consider not opening the link if the previous links doesn't work well as for this one the requirements are even higher.

      when more than one view is available you will see something like
      [1] 2 3 4 5
      under the date-time label,
      and you can select a particular view with keys 1 up to 5

      the time entries with more than one view are

      cheers, Dorin
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