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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Any way to control Photoshop's PhotoMerge?

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  • Thomas Bredenfeld
    hi keith! there s no way to influence this. the interactive layout feature isn t avaliable any more in photoshop cs4 s photomerge. it can be installed
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2009
      hi keith!

      there's no way to influence this. the "interactive layout" feature isn't
      avaliable any more in photoshop cs4's photomerge. it can be installed
      manually (legacy plugins on the installer dvd), but it's crashy.

      the only thinkable way to experiment is changing the numbering of the
      images and testing around with the order of selection in bridge. this
      sometimes influences the order, but up to now i couldn't regognize any
      repeatable pattern :-(

      unfortunately even the behaviour hans described isn't always the same.

      probably there's running a pattern recognition routine _before_
      photoshop sets up the order.



      Keith Martin schrieb:
      > I've just had an interesting question from a friend who's using
      > Photoshop's PhotoMerge feature as a simple cylinder production
      > process. I've told him about the dedicated apps that do this well but
      > he's writing a magazine article and needs to stick to Photoshop for
      > the bulk of what he's doing.
      > He wanted to know if there was a way to dictate where in the
      > composite set of photos the left/right edges will be. In other words,
      > what makes Photoshop choose which images are left-most when it does
      > its work?
      > I know most of us here use tools such as PTGui or AutoPano Pro, but
      > if anyone has hints that I could feed back that would be very useful.
      > k
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