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Fuji Film Real 3D Camera

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  • Roger D. Williams
    I have just been reading a recent Fuji press release on its forthcoming Real 3D system. As well as giving a little more detail on the 3D print service that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2009
      I have just been reading a recent Fuji press release on its forthcoming
      "Real 3D" system. As well as giving a little more detail on the 3D print
      service that will be offered, and the stereo LCD display, it also
      sketches some potentially interesting concepts for twin-lens cameras
      and the new dual-image processing software. Some of them read like the
      ideas of a copywriter ("It would be nice if they could do this") rather
      than actual proposals for future products, but I pass them on as of
      possible interest to photographers, adding my own reactions.

      (1) Simultaneous Wide and Tele Shots

      By changing the settings on the two lenses, one can take a wide-angle
      scene-setting view while the other takes an action closeup. Since the
      first camera to be announced doesn't have zoom lenses, this would
      have to be via digital zoom, which is no real advantage, since the
      same effect could be achieved by cropping the normal image. Maybe a
      possibility for the future?

      (2) Simultaneous Dark and Light Shots for Wider Dynamic Range

      True to Fuji's preoccupation with one of the drawbacks of digital
      photography--the restricted dynamic range of the images--there is the
      suggestion that the two images could be optimised separately for the
      highlight and shadow regions and combined in the image processor to
      give a much wider dynamic range. This of course ignores the effect of
      the parallax between the lenses, so I don't think it's very realistic
      for the camera already announced. Again, one for the future? Although
      it does seem to run against the grain of Fuji's other work on
      designing sensors and image-processing software that give an
      inherently wider dynamic range...

      (3) In-Camera Stitching of Two Shots for Ultra-wide Panoramic Images

      This may be of more interest to our list members, although I can't
      see how it would work for the camera they have announced, since the
      two lenses are set up for stereo pairs rather than adjacent images
      with some overlap between them for stitching into a panorama.

      (4) Videos Taken with One Lens, Stills with the Other.

      The recent thread on how to create stereo pairs of images from a
      panned video sequence makes this of marginally more interest, although
      the press release doesn't allude to this possible application, only
      to the ability to zoom in or out for still shots while shooting a
      movie record of the entire scene.

      Roger W.

      Oh yes, one other thing. It looks as if the images produced by the
      first-generation 3D camera will not be separate left- and right-eye
      images but a combined image with interleaved strips for viewing
      via prints with a lenticular film overlay, or an LCD with a similar
      lenticular filter. I hope they do provide the option of separate
      images for greater flexibility in post processing.


      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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