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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Composite high resolution panorama alignment

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  • Ken Warner
    I ve noticed sometimes after adding some CP s manually after optimization. Those CP s can be seen by PTGui as being very far apart even though they are nearly
    Message 1 of 24 , May 1, 2009
      I've noticed sometimes after adding some CP's manually after
      optimization. Those CP's can be seen by PTGui as being very
      far apart even though they are nearly perfectly placed. And
      optimization doesn't seem to reduce the distance between those
      newly added CP's.

      I don't know what that means. Just thought I'd mention it in
      this conversation.

      Erik Krause wrote:
      > Bernhard Vogl wrote:
      >>>Did you try APClean to remove bad control points? It sometimes works
      >>>wonders, but you need more than enough points of course.
      >>I don't use APClean any more as PTGui offers the same functionality with
      >>CP cleaning and by sorting the control points by distance.
      > The PTGui CP cleaning tool is by no means as flexible and effective as
      > APClean. When PTGui has removed all "worst controlpoints" and the
      > panorama still doesn't fit very well APClean can enhance the result in
      > most cases.
      > And deleting CP's by distance isn't a good solution either. If in an
      > image pair most of the CP's have large errors they are probably
      > optimized wrong not positioned wrong. APClean takes account of this
      > since it uses the standard deviation as a measure.
      > best regards
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