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Fw: Fw: [PanoToolsNG] stereographic projection in MatLab

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  • Gerald Lodron
    no problem but as I already mentioned it is only a polartransformation and no stereographic one. I think they called it wrong at the link seb gave me (or my
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2009
      no problem but as I already mentioned it is only a polartransformation and no stereographic one. I think they called it wrong at the link seb gave me (or my implementation is wrong). There is already an implementation at mathworks: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/17933%c2%a0but if you prefer my code (you will need image processing toolbox in your matlab installation but my code has implemented the bicubic interpolation):

      Save following in a m file called stereographic.m:

      function    zeta=-sin(isTForm.tdata.warp)*1+cos(isTForm.tdata.warp);
          r = sqrt((imPtsIn(:,2)-isTForm.tdata.vSizeOut(2)/2).^2+(imPtsIn(:,1)-isTForm.tdata.vSizeOut(1)/2).^2);
          a = atan2((imPtsIn(:,1)-isTForm.tdata.vSizeOut(1)/2),(imPtsIn(:,2)-isTForm.tdata.vSizeOut(2)/2));
          colat=2.*atan2(rho,radius);    %colat=2.*atan(rho./radius);    long=mod(a+2*pi*isTForm.tdata.turn,2*pi);
          imPtsOut(:,1)=isTForm.tdata.offset+(isTForm.tdata.vSizeIn(1)-1)*long/pi;imPtsOut = stereographic(imPtsIn, isTForm)

      And then write following in the console:


      tdata.turn = 0;
      tdata.zoom = 1;
      tdata.sc = 1;
      tdata.warp = pi;
      tdata.vSizeIn = size(I);
      tdata.vSizeOut = [2*size(I,1), 2*size(I,1)]';
      tdata.offset = 4;
      A=zeros(size(I,1), size(I,2)+8,3,class(I));
      A(:,1:4,:) = I(:,end-3:end,:);
      A(:,5:end-4,:) = I;
      A(:,end-3:end,:) = I(:,1:4,:);
      TFORM = maketform(
      O = imtransform(A, TFORM, 'custom', 2, 2,[],@stereographic, tdata);'cubic', 'XData', [1 tdata.vSizeOut(1)], 'YData', [1 tdata.vSizeOut(2)]);

       If anyone sees an error please post it. If I will have a real stereographic projection solved I will post it on mathworks but I dont want to upload things which does not work (and polartransformations are already on mathworks).

      best regards,

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      now that it works, thanx to seb's assistance, are you willing to share the matlab code back into the community? might make it easier for somebody else to change the formulas for other transformations. ..

      --- In PanoToolsNG@ yahoogroups. com, Gerald Lodron <gerald.lodron@ ...> wrote:
      > Now it works but the formular is only a polar coordinate transform and NOT a stereographic projection, lol
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      > >
      > >
      > > Ok, I will try it but there are a few parameters missing:
      > > long=(a+2*pi* turn)
      > > What is the parameter a and what is the symbol % stand for?
      > >  in(xy:[nx,ny* zeta])
      > >
      > > I think in is the in is the input image but i do not understand the whole
      > > line with the : and the [] oberator!
      > a is the angle (theta) = atan2(y,x)
      > in is the source image, in(xy:[u,v]) takes the pixel with coordinates (u,v)
      > % is the modulus operator
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