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RE: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Flat scan distortion not working - SOLVED

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  • Sepp Spenlinhauer
    I uploaded a link to the image...Its a big image. www.eclecticprecision.com/GDA-1988.jpg (That s me, 3rd row down from the top, 7th in from the right side,
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 15, 2009
      I uploaded a link to the image...Its a "big" image.


      (That's me, 3rd row down from the top, 7th in from the right side, wearing a
      white shirt, between the girl with the brown vest and the guy in blue

      It was a moving camera panorama with the film moving in the opposite
      direction. It was a "long" exposure and that is why some things are
      "blurry". Some "kids" moved their hands - we were told to be still. If you
      look at the angle of the shadows, it might help explain that we are in
      standing on semi-circular bleachers so that we are all the same distance
      from the camera.

      One year, a kid stood at one end, then when the photographer signaled, he
      ran behind everyone and stood at the other end, and was in the same photo
      Its no big deal these days with digital photos and everything, but remember,
      this was 1988!!!!

      Thanks again,



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      Thanks for the pointers. I had not thought of making sure that all the scans
      were the same size. That did the trick!

      I had already tried leveling the image, but it was not helping.

      This is a scan of a photo, there are no nodal points.
      I have done some advanced stitching and own a nodal ninja, so I am very
      familiar with getting good panos, and that is why I was so frustrated.
      Of course I overlooked a very simple thing!

      If the Website moderators read this, they should add that little reminder to
      the website FAQ - that scanned images need to be the same size... I thought
      that PTgui would give the user a notice if the images weren't all the same

      Thanks for the help.


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