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Experience with Fuji S5 Pro

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  • Roger D. Williams
    I thought I d report my first results with this new (to me) camera. Alas, my first panorama for some time using the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye and six shots 60
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2009
      I thought I'd report my first results with this new (to me) camera.

      Alas, my first panorama for some time using the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye
      and six shots 60 degrees apart with a NN3 MkII pano head, tripod
      and monopod combination (to reach over the heads of the crowd) was
      just complicated enough for me to end up shooting FIVE instead of
      the full SIX bracketed set. So I have not only a hole at nadir and
      zenith but also a blank between 330 and 360 degrees. That'll learn
      me. <wry grin>

      First conclusion. Despite a reputation for being rather "soft" I
      find it quite adequately sharp. It makes me love the 10.5mm Nikon
      fisheye more than ever. I had forgotten what beautiful images
      this lens can produce. Second conclusion. Who needs brackets?
      Admittedly this was out of doors, not looking out into the light
      from a darkened room, but overexposed by a full stop, and with the
      sky blinking "blown" in the preview image, I was able to recover
      a beautiful blue sky with no strange coloured halation around the
      sun, good shadows with plenty of detail, and clear, clean
      highlights. The frame nominally overexposed by three full stops
      also looked good although I didn't spend much time seeing how
      much could be recovered because the shadow detail was fine without
      having to go that far...

      The colour is really good. Lovely richly saturated primary colours,
      like the red flannel on the seating for the outdoor concert I was
      taking, AND good skin tones on the faces... Unfortunately, as
      this was supposed to be a cherry blossom festival, a cold snap
      had delayed the blossoms, so there were very few in evidence. I'll
      try again next week when they will be in full bloom (and the
      crowds will be even thicker). The problem will be finding a spot
      for the tripod that will not have drunken revelers stagger into

      So I am generally happy with my purchase, and look forward to
      making good use of this increased headroom to recover detail
      from nominally overexposed regions. I intended to use if only for
      indoor shots but the image quality is so attractive that I am
      going out again today to take some more outdoor panoramas.

      Incidentally, although I had to do some detailed work at the
      seams because of crowd movement, I was surprised at what good
      decisions the PTgui software makes in solving the problems
      caused by such movements. I occasionally found myself painting
      in someone who had been removed by PTgui, and vice versa, but
      the panorama was very close to usable just as PTgui created it.


      Work: www.adex-japan.com
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