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Re: smooth autorotation with swf panorama object in web page?

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  • fierodeval
    Hi Hans, Flash9 uses hardware acceleration, but not to paint textured polygons. This means that Flash9 and Flash10 uses only the CPU to render panoramas.
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 11, 2009
      Hi Hans,

      Flash9 uses hardware acceleration, but not to paint textured polygons. This means that Flash9 and Flash10 uses only the CPU to render panoramas. Anyway, the performance of Flash10 in newer computers is very high.

      It's very easy to know if a program is using hardware acceleration. Only open the Task Manager (press CTRL+ALT+DEL in Windows), and see how much CPU percentage is used by the application. If you disable "Debug options->Synchronized rendering" in DevalVR you can compare with Flash, because this option is disabled in Flash. These are my result in a Intel DualCore 2GHz with the same panorama:

      QuickTime: 45% CPU
      Flash: 75% CPU (30 Frames per second, tested FFP and KRpano, Flash10)
      DevalVR: 10% CPU (170 Frames per second)

      You can see that Flash is using the 2 cores, for this reason its performance is sometimes better than QuickTime (QuickTime and DevalVR only use 1 core).

      DevalVR only is using 10% of CPU, this means that all the work to paint the graphics in the screen is made by the graphic card. For this reason the frame rate is 170. But, ┬┐why we need 170 FPS? This maximum framerate is required to have always a higher number than the monitor frequency. This way, if you enable "Synchronized rendering" the FPS of the viewer will be synchronized with the monitor frecuency (60 Hz in LCD displays) and the panning will be very smooth.

      I don't know why the panning is not smooth in a 2GHz PC, maybe the graphic drivers are not installed correctly. A lot of users with old PCs and 64MB graphic cards told me that they see the panoramas very smooth.


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      > > > I tried Pano2VR and it worked really well and was really easy to
      > > > use.
      > > > I know next to nothing about Flash and I made a simple page in
      > > > minutes.
      > > > The image quality was really good in a Flash10 capable browser.
      > >
      > > Autorotation and high quality(!) Flash10 VR panos don't mix well either,
      > > no matter what tool you use to generate them. Panning smoothness all depends on the
      > >to what we need.
      > Erik
      > Flash has had hardware acceleration since the last Flash 9 version.
      > But hardware acceleration really needs the latest and most expensive hardware.
      > As Denis says in his presentation of the FPP Flash 10 preview version it can even result in slower performance if you do not have a newer high end computer.
      > I guess his coming Flash 10 version will have better support for it.
      > I have tested your panoramas using both My Parallels XP and a cheap 2 year old 2 mhz PC and I have to say that the flash performs better than DevalVR. with better panning not interupted by jerky jumps which is what you always get with viewers like DevalVR or SpiV on low end videocards.
      > Hans
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