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  • mrjimbo
    A comment about this.. and and observation.. Creating a web site requires both sides of the brain.. In my experience most of the really tech savy struggle with
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 7, 2009
      A comment about this.. and and observation.. Creating a web site requires both sides of the brain.. In my experience most of the really tech savy struggle with a creative and cohesive site design.. and visa versa.. Thus a good many site builders that insist on being a one man band will never make a site that most of us would be interested in or really happy with.
      Oddly, I feel that almost all those that I have met that do site solo so far fall into that catagory. Not that some can't do a nice web site that's wouldn't be a tru statement and I think we all know that.. The really great efforts I have been exposed to all came out of design teams.. It always showed up that one side would push the other a little farther with every new effort.. When reviewing their work it always showed up as creative, invative, efficient and functional..

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      > Andrew Crawford wrote:
      >> There are a lot of a people offering their services as "web
      >> designers"
      >> who lack the skills necessary to develop good web sites. In fact,
      >> in my
      >> experience, that would be most of them.

      Unfortunately Andrew is right. Most people "doing" web sites have no
      real idea what they are doing. It's similar to the phenomena we would
      all recognize that everyone with a digital camera is now a
      "photographer". There is more to both skill sets than meets the
      casual eye. And certainly more than the average high school student
      can master in a few brief years with a copy of Dreamweaver.

      My HTML, XHTML, CSS and JQuery lists are full of questions from
      people of various skill levels trying to work around this browser bug
      or that. Trying to optimise for most popular browsers despite the
      difficulties and varying levels of standards support. And with each
      browser release there are more tricks to learn. None of this is
      "taught" at any high school I know of, and few (if any) higher
      educational facilities. It's all bleeding-edge stuff were stumbling
      into in real-time.

      This does effect those of us trying to present out panos on the web.
      The Opera thread is just another recent case of issues with cross-
      browser site development. I suspect there isn't one answer that will
      fit every pano site. Some people roll-their-own, others use CMS of
      one sort or another, heck, quite a few use Flickr or Deviant Art or
      similar community sites to showcase their work. I guess the benefits
      of that type of site would be that cross-browser issues are "somebody-
      else's-problem". But for the rest of us, especially those who
      sincerely wish ie6 would just die! die! die!, we just have to keep
      fighting the browser issues ... but honestly, it's not a job for an
      amateur. Most so-called "web designers", who wouldn't recognize let
      alone understand mark-up if they ever saw it, are not professionals.


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