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    Atanas Just so you know my email to you offline wasn t a spam, look forward to your reply Ian ... style. ... css) ... the ... get ... of ... the
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 18, 2008

      Just so you know my email to you offline wasn't a spam, look forward
      to your reply


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Atanas Minev" <fr33rider@...>
      > Hi Val,
      > About web publishing - I run a free interactive panorama hosting
      > service - http://pan0.net . It's in its infancy yet and I am working
      > on the next version which will have big improvements.
      > If you register and upload your equirectangular images you can embed
      > the corresponding interactive panoramas in any website, Youtube
      > Try it for yourself:
      > - open any panorama in new window
      > - copy the embed code
      > - create test.html file on your computer or anywhere:
      > <html>
      > <body>
      > paste the copied code here and tune width and height (or any
      > as you want. Defaults are ok
      > </body>
      > </html>
      > - open test.html in your browser
      > Some clarifications:
      > - the site currently only supports full 360x180 panoramas, however
      > player supports constraints of the movement, so it is possible to
      > display zoomable cylindrical panorama. Not launched yet, but trivial
      > to support.
      > - if the logo "pan0.net" of the embedded panorama bothers you I plan
      > commercial support with options to remove it. It's not launched yet,
      > but if you are interested contact me off list. The first customers
      > the extended services for free (as they help me to improve the site)
      > - new features of the next version of pan0 player (currently being
      > cooked and development versions working promising):
      > - virtual tour support. Define hotspots and where they link (to
      > image, to another panorama, to any webpage)
      > - improved quality. Actually, if you tweak tesselation parameter
      > the player it's already possible. Future versions will use Flash 10
      > improvements and will autodetect user computer speed and autotweak
      > parameters
      > - some minor stuff
      > - I hope to launch the new, quite improved version of the site and
      > player before New Year, but maybe January is a more realistic plan
      > I sometimes do freelance web design and programming so if you want
      > such services you can contact me off list.
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