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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Any old / unused Canon S60s out there?

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  • Ken Warner
    BTW: I noticed that gPhoto supports 1000 cameras so you have a lot of choices...
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2008
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      BTW: I noticed that gPhoto supports 1000 cameras
      so you have a lot of choices...

      Kathy Wheeler wrote:
      > On 02/12/2008, at 9:10 AM, Alan Ball wrote:
      >>1. Do the units have to be Canon S60's, or can they be one of Canon's
      >>other S series cameras?
      > By preference yes. I know they are supported by the remote control
      > software we are looking at (gPhoto) and have seen a similar setup to
      > what we have planned using 4 of them with gPhoto so I know they will
      > work for the project. Other cameras might work better ... or might
      > not work at all within the software/hardware/environment!
      >>2. Do the cosmetics matter? Does it matter if some of the markings
      >>are worn off or the unit has a few small dings or scratches or the
      >>finish is worn through in spots? I have a friend who has worn the
      >>markings off her Canon S45 mode dial.
      > Cosmetics don't matter at all. They are going to be sealed in a
      > weather proof enclosure somewhere between 10' and 30' off the ground.
      > What's important is that the units are still fully functional and can
      > respond to remote software (so a broken usb port would be an issue).
      >>3. Can certain functions be missing, e.g., a non-functional flash
      >>unit, and still be acceptable? Are a few hot/dead pixels acceptable?
      > Flash not wanted. A few hot/dead pixels would not be a huge problem,
      > esp if they were in the stitching overlap areas.
      >>4. Are you looking for donations or are you willing to buy them? Are
      >>you willing to pay shipping? If so, about how much?
      > No, not looking for donations at all :-) (although I would never say
      > "no" :)
      > I *just* missed out on a unit on ebay.com.au last night that went
      > down for $81AU ($52 US at todays exchange rate) so that's the ball-
      > park figure I'm working around and off course I will pay reasonable
      > freight (expedited UPS to Australia is NOT reasonable :-)
      > Cheers,
      > KathyW.
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