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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: realtime car pano video / RED specs

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  • Robert Fisher
    Well there are so many details which get propagandized and maligned that it s very hard to develop an informed opinion about digital cinema equipment. I have
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 18, 2008
      Well there are so many details which get propagandized and maligned
      that it's very hard to develop an informed opinion about digital
      cinema equipment. I have been shooting film and video for 30 years
      and almost all of these articles are partially or entirely wrong. All
      of the current Digital Cinema cameras have their strengths and
      weaknesses. It's not correct to compare a F23 to a Red or the
      Genesis. They all pretty much do the same thing but in entirely
      different ways. It all boils down to how you use your tool of choice.
      I have seen crappy pictures taken with 1DSMK2 and awesome images from
      the Coolpix 900, 2 very different cameras and technologies.

      I thought the Redfacts piece was biassed so it was not very good
      information and he didn't quite understand the technology. He was
      operating from an oldscool perspective. At the same time I don't go
      along with the Red Fan Boys either they propagate a lot of
      disinformation which ultimately hurts their cause.

      The simple truth is the F23 and the Red will give awesome results in
      the hands of experienced craftsmen and artists. What Red has done is
      what Arriflex did 40-50 years ago by offering indies a way to pursue
      their dreams by owning their gear and using it in ways that the
      creators of that equipment never imagined. Now Arri, Sony and
      Panavision are the old guys in the room and have an interest in
      protecting their markets. So the newcomer, Red, is pushing technology
      in ways that no one else can. They don't have any baggage so to
      speak. Dalsa tried to do the same but they recently exited the
      digital cinema market. It's really difficult to compete against
      Panavision, Arri, Sony and Panasonic, they are all entombed in their
      markets. There are other lower cost cameras out there that will be
      taking pieces of the larger markets for various reasons. The Iconix
      is a small 24 frame HD camera that is the size of an ice cube, It can
      go places that the Genesis can't so for those applications it wins.

      Digital Cinema is like any other artistic endeavor pick your brush
      for the job at hand and learn to create your vision.

      On Nov 18, 2008, at 3:56 AM, Jeffrey Martin wrote:

      > >
      > > Yes but this rant is comparing a $150,000 Sony F23 against an
      > $18,000
      > > Red One. Of course the F23 will produce better results. You don't
      > need
      > > to read a 10 page article to figure this out :)
      > No, but you might read the 10 page article and understand a great deal
      > of other stuff which you previously didn't. Like, e.g. how the hell
      > they fit 25 or more "raw" frames per second onto a memory card....
      > :-)
      > > also here is an interesting description of RED specs
      > > http://rcjohnso.com/REDFACTS.html
      > >
      > Jeffrey Martin
      > www.360cities.net - The World in Virtual Reality
      > tel. +420 608 076 502 / skype jeffrey.s.martin

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      Robert Fisher
      VR Photography / Cinematography

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