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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Photoshop CS4 Extended and panoramas

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  • Philipp B. Koch
    Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. ... I think I ll buy more memory since that s never a bad idea :-) ... I ve talked to a computer guy today and he told me
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 10, 2008
      Hi Robert,

      thanks for your reply.

      robert_harshman schrieb:
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Philipp B. Koch" <pk@...> wrote:
      >> Which graphics adapter could be the right one to improve
      >> that rendering speed while not ruining my finances directly (I don't
      >> want to spend more than 150 EUR on the graphics card.) Plus: I believe
      >> having a better graphics adapter is more important in this case than
      >> having more RAM. Is that true?
      >> Does anyone have a clue about the answers to these (maybe dump) questions?
      > Hi Philipp,
      > I think the answer is get more memory, and forget about 3D editing in
      > PS CS4. It's something that does not seem productive with real image
      > sizes.
      I think I'll buy more memory since that's never a bad idea :-)
      > While there may be some benefit to getting a better graphics card, I
      > don't think it's related to PS CS4 at this time. I had a base Nvidia
      > 8500 card, upgraded to a 9800 GTX+ and saw very little 3D speed
      > increase or other speed benefit in CS4. At least from my experience,
      > moving from a base graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.x and Shader 3
      > or higher to a much faster one is of little real benefit in CS4 at
      > this time.
      I've talked to a computer guy today and he told me that in my case
      (Photoshop CS4 & 3D) the most important thing was the GPU in the
      graphics card, not so much the graphic card's memory as long as it is
      more than 256 MB. I'm thinking about buying something like the Asus ATI
      EAH 4670 which is about 80 EUR here in my local store. Its GPU is much
      faster than the one in my current graphics adapter, plus: The card I
      have now has problems with Photoshop CS4 (or the other way 'round) so
      Adobe advises anyone using this card to turn the GPU support off... If I
      can find a card that is known to work with CS4 without problems, I'll
      get one AND more memory.

      Thanks again!
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