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Re: SV: Re: SV: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Pano2QTVR 1.5.0 beta 2 released

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  • Thomas Rauscher
    Hello Per, on Monday, September 11, 2006, 23:12:26 you wrote: p How much speed improvedment can we look forward to, for now I p have to use Q10 to run
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 11 2:47 PM
      Hello Per,

      on Monday, September 11, 2006, 23:12:26 you wrote:

      p>> How much speed improvedment can we look forward to, for now I
      p>> have to use Q10 to run clear of the waving lines, and the result is
      p>> more like a slideshow then a smoth running pano.
      p>> http://www.panograf.dk/pano/Man_meets_the_sea.html

      T>>Your demo use 3048x3048!!! tiles. This would bring down every player,
      T>>even QuickTime. If you do the same with SPi-V you would need a Graphic
      T>>card with 256MB Video RAM!!!

      T>>Don't expect to much. This Flash Player is all done with 2D
      T>>operations. In fact I was amazed my self that it runs that smooth in
      T>>fullscreen and if you reduce the quality and the tile size maybe its
      T>>even not that bad at all.

      p> I just used the auto tiles to see the result. I know this is
      p> unreasonable demans from flash, but actualy i have no problem with
      p> QT, but then again i am spoiled with a grafic card with 512MB.

      With is not used at all... Flash doesn't support it (yet).

      p> What concers me a lot is, that I will nearly always have to use Q10
      p> or better to avoid the waving lines, even Q9 shows clearly waving
      p> lines as soon there is straight lines in the pano. no matter what
      p> windovs and tiles size. I will be very happy if I could use
      p> smoooooth flash in 450x320 Q10. and use some other viewers for full
      p> screen. Somehow the now sold engine was able to do that, you just
      p> have to work out how. :-)

      I know very well how he did it and I will implement it some day, but
      this works only for Flash 9. Flash 9 install base is currently around
      15%-25% and those people with Flash 9 also have QT or something else!
      Mine works with Flash 8 and this is a much larger audience. If you
      look close to the other player than you see that he simple blurs the
      image while spinning... I can do this too if you like... than you also
      don't see waves because you can't see edges ;)))

      p> I was thinking if it was possible to make a table or even better a
      p> database, with different viewers in different windows size and
      p> different tiles, that shows what FPS to expect, and some how shows
      p> how much CPU and Grafic Ram would affect the result. This could be
      p> a very usefull tool, and as humble photographer this is
      p> unfortuanately behind skills, but if someone have the capacity, i
      p> will be grateful.

      But as you mention there are to many variables like wavyness,
      interpolation method etc. You can not get exactly the same results
      from each player so 25 fps for Flash are void for you because waves
      are a don't go, others don't care that much. All players have their
      pros and cons. There is not one "perfect player". This could only be a
      guideline. If you look at something like
      than Flash is a good alternative to other technologies and I hope I
      can squeeze out as much as possible. The next version will hopefully
      be at least 10% faster due to some further optimizations.

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