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Re: [PanoToolsNG] [OSX] ImageFuser: a Gui for Enfuse & Align_image_stac

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  • Harry van der Wolf
    Hi Joergen, I ve been busy working on the Tiger side of my ImageFuser. I build on Leopard but despite the fact that I built with Tiger compatibility , used
    Message 1 of 16 , Sep 26, 2008
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      Hi Joergen,

      I've been busy working on the "Tiger side" of my ImageFuser. I build on
      Leopard but despite the fact that I built with "Tiger compatibility", used
      Tiger "versions" of building blocks and followed all guidelines from Apple,
      the version doesn't work on Tiger.
      I've taken my "old" Tiger DVD and installed that one on an external disk and
      I'm now rebuilding the entire project.
      That's the reason that I didn't pick up other things yet.

      The tiff issue though is a serious one.
      Can you send me a bracketed set of tiff images in a zip (or tgz or whatever
      compressed format)?. If they are very big, please resize them first. It's
      the file structure that matters, not the file size.
      To prevent "spamming" this mailing list with big messages, please send them
      directly to me.


      2008/9/26 Joergen Geerds <joergengeerds@...>

      > hi harry,
      > do you have an updated version in the making for your enfuse gui?
      > I did try the 0.3 version, which was interesting, but not yet working for
      > me (no tiff support, and window resize doesn't work (yet).
      > good project. keep it up.
      > joergen
      > luminous-newyork.com

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