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Photokina 2008 - IVRPA (International VR Photography Association)

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  • Matthias Taugwalder
    Hi all First of all, sorry for the cross-posting of this announcement. As you might know in about one week from Tuesday 23th September 2008 to Sunday 28th
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2008
      Hi all

      First of all, sorry for the cross-posting of this announcement.

      As you might know in about one week from Tuesday 23th September 2008 to
      Sunday 28th September 2008 Photokina takes place in Cologne/Germany. The
      IVRPA will have its booth (in hall 9 stand A050-B051), amongst others like
      Fotocommunity, the biggest online photographic community and PlusX award.

      *Daily Panoramic Workshops*
      Free panoramic tutorials and workshops will take place every day at the
      IVRPA stand at 13:00 and 15:00. Learn about shooting and stitching
      panoramas, finding the no-parallax point and try out different panorama

      *Evening meetings*
      On Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th September there will be evening meetings
      for IVRPA members from 18:00.

      Please see also below our press release and we would be pleased to welcome
      you at our booth.

      We hope to see you in Cologne,

      The IVPRA board of directors

      Michael Quan
      Jan van der Woning
      Ian Wood
      Aldo Hoeben
      Matthias Taugwalder
      Gene Cooper
      Jeffrey Martin

      Photokina 2008 - Best of 360°
      Hall 9A, Stand 050/B051

      The IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photography Association) is an
      international Association of more than 400 panoramic photographers
      world-wide. Its members are professional photographers, multimedia and web
      developers, artists, enthusiasts, students but also software and hardware

      The goal of IVRPA is the world-wide promotion of interactive VR panoramas
      and technologies related to panoramic photography. This happens through
      conferences, workshops, exhibitions and local meetings, and also through its
      website at http://www.ivrpa.org With forums, image galleries and blogs the
      website is an important contact point for the international panoramic

      At this year's Photokina, the IVRPA presents a breathtaking exhibition which
      different kinds of 360° panoramas:

      - *Panoramic Prints*
      show different landscapes, cityscapes and places all over the world in
      360 degrees.
      - *High-resolution Gigapixel Panoramas*
      of several meters width consist of several hundred single images and show
      even the smallest details and crops razor-sharp.
      - *Interactive 360 degree Panoramas *
      are shown as projections and also on PCs, where visitors can view and
      explore the panoramas on their own.

      This is the world premiere of the exhibition and features the winners of an
      international contest of IVRPA members.

      Workshops will cover different topics of panoramic photography at the IVRPA
      booth, each day at 13:00 and 15:00. In addition, IVRPA members will provide
      information and advice to visitors. The different workflows and steps to
      shoot a panoramic image will be explained and demonstrated right at the

      Every day of the show, IVRPA members will be shooting and uploading
      interactive 360 degree panoramas live from Photokina. These images and
      additional information are available online at http://photokina08.ivrpa.org

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