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Res: [PanoToolsNG] help!!

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  • Augusto Miranda Martins
    Here it wasn t painfully slowat all. Just fine, nothing wrong. XP + Firefox 3.0.1 ... De: eli20sf Para: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2008
      Here it wasn't painfully slowat all.
      Just fine, nothing wrong.

      XP + Firefox 3.0.1

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      De: eli20sf <epoblitz@...>
      Para: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com
      Enviadas: Sexta-feira, 12 de Setembro de 2008 14:29:13
      Assunto: [PanoToolsNG] help!!

      I just posted this at the FPP forum too, but I'm in need of any advice:

      Hi everyone! I had a client call me the other day to say my panoramas
      were loading painfully slow. When I came home that night, and loaded
      up my sample tours on my site - I realized they were. The loader was
      crawling, and sometimes not even making it to the end to display the

      I sent out an SOS to my close friends to see if they were having the
      same problem, and 1/2 did the other did not. I can open other full
      screen FPP panos from home (and I've opened them from from my friends
      office - where he has 10 mb download speed) ... and they open just fine.

      But the same friend's office with the fast download speed has slow
      opening panos from my site. This is a recent problem, so somewhere
      something changed.

      The hosting company recommended that I switch from the shared server,
      to a dedicated server - and I said go for it! The change has been
      made, and there's still the problem (1/2 of people have no problem and
      the other 1/2 do).

      My friend who's a network engineer said that it may be a network
      problem outside of my hosting company. So I relayed that and asked to
      escalate the problem for their tech support.

      I've done tracerts from my home computer, and my friends office, where
      we are both having problems and have submitted that to the company.

      So right now I'm in limbo. Waiting for the hosting company to
      troubleshoot it - but I have little faith. On their end, the tours
      load up fine .... and all of the server load info showed smooth and

      Have any of you had a similar experience? Does anyone have advice?
      I'm feeling super lost right now - and want to resolve(trouble shoot)
      this asap.

      If you have any advice, or have been in a similar situation, can you
      please share? Thanks so much.

      By the way ... you can visit the sample page on my site at
      [url]www.bayareavr.com/samples.html[/url] .... please share if the
      tours loaded quick or not - you can post here, or email me at

      Thanks SO much!!!!



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