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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Prague at Dawn, 1.24 gigapixel image uploaded

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  • Bernhard Vogl
    Hello Traugott, If i remember correctly, it should be the rollPitchYaw parameter: --snip-- rollPitchYaw: r p y specify Euler angles that are applied to
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      Hello Traugott,

      If i remember correctly, it should be the "rollPitchYaw" parameter:
      rollPitchYaw: "r p y" specify Euler angles that are applied to adjust
      the view. Useful if the roll angle of a panorama needs to be adjusted.
      I never tried to use this parameter as argument in the calling HTML
      file. I think, is must be inserted in the XML file...



      pepoloe schrieb:
      > Hi Bernhard,
      > I got some advice from the Microsoft HD folks: You can this by
      > modifying the html as follows: args =
      > 'FileName=wenceslas_square.kml&BackgroundColor=0&FOV=100.56&Yaw=181.599&Pitch=83.016’;
      > but this did not resolve the issue. Regardless what parameter I use,
      > it does not change the view.
      > The panorama is a 360° but less than 180° and the head was leveled to
      > 0°, so I shoot the same degree up and down.
      > But you are right, the value must be set somewhere in Google Earth or
      > in this case you need to set the Image floor parameter to a negative
      > value, in this case I have set it now to -70.
      > This can be set on gigapan.org, Place this Panorama in Google Earth...
      > So the image looks good now even in HD View.
      > These additional arguments can be gotten by setting a view that you
      > like and using the ‘Save Specific View’ button on the page.
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Bernhard Vogl <bvogl@...> wrote:
      >>> Regarding the wenceslas square, not sure where this issue comes from.
      >>> First of all I was happy to get HD View running and did not check out
      >>> all options. I'm sure there are options to control this in a
      > smarter way.
      >> I assume, you haven't shot the panorama being in the "center" of the
      >> image (so, VFOV below and above the horizon are not the same)
      >> You can actually correct that during the placement of the panorama in
      >> Google Earth by telling how much the panorama should be "moved in
      >> y-direction".
      >> Here's an example of tilting the whole panorama down the view:
      >> http://hdview.at/kml/hallstatt.htm
      >> ...This example would still need some advanced projection
      > corrections as
      >> the images are not shot in a row but more following the form of a
      >> banana... :-)
      >> Best regards
      >> Bernhard
      > ------------------------------------
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